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Red spot on penis head

I have used this service before and have definately had bouts of OCD and anxiety over STD related issues. The good news is that I overcame most of those issues and have been in a monogamous relationship for nearly 4 years now. A brief history, I had routien unprotected sexual intercourse with an ex girlfriend I later discovered to be very promiscuous with many partners. I have received oral sex from many partners without protection and one time received an injury to the penis head from teeth. I was diagnosed once with mollusum contagiosum which I am still not quite certain was an accurate diagnosis.  I have had your typical group of STD test prior to dating my current gf with negative results. She also has never had any indication of STDs and has tested negative.

My current observation causing me concern: This has occurred approximately 3 - 4 times over the past few years 2 maybe?

On the head of my penis I will suddenly notice a red spot of skin that is small appx1 mm - 2 mm large. The area does not hurt, itch, or sting until I notice it and manipulate it. If I placed my finger onto it, it feels as if it may burn or be slightly uncomfortable (1 on a 1-10 pain scale). This happens in the same general area on the head of my penis if not the exact same area.

The area does not look raised or feel raised. Upon very close examination and pulling of the skin to make it tight I see what looks like 3 tiny tears or cuts in the skin but I can not be certain. They appears to be appx 1mm in length and side by side. The group again just appears as a red rash or red mark on the penis head.

The current progression is as follows:
day 1: notice red mark on penis
+12 hours: mark feels like dry skin still present

In the past the mark has gone through similar changes as current and usually resolves in 2-3 days. It typically lessens to the point its not so noticeable and I forget about it and suddenly realize the mark is gone.

I masturbate frequently.

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Welcome back to the forum.

FYI, the reason for the 2,000 character limit is to require the entire question to fit in the initial space provided.  Some moderators set their MedHelp forum access so they never even see any follow-up comments.  Anyway, my reply follows your comments below.

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My main fear is that this sounds slightly like what I have read atypical herpes can manifest to be. I do not ever notice an actual blister or ulceration as with classical herpes symptoms.

I never remember having an initial outbreak of Herpes.

I suppose my main questions concerns are:

1. Could this be an atypical Herpes Infection and what are your thoughts on differential diagnoses?
2. Will a recurrent Herpes Infection resolve in 3 days?
3. Is it common or likely to have an issue like this creep up after being with someone in a monogamous relationship after 2 years of monogamous relations?
4. What actions should I take at this time?
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also small correction, the overall area is probably closer to 1/2 cm or smaller (redness).
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Your symptoms are not suggestive of any STD.  There are innumerable common skin conditions that affect the genitals.  Anything that can cause skin rash anywhere sometimes involves the penis.  Things like psoriasis, eczema, localized fungal infections, etc.  Your description sounds like something along those lines.

1) No, this doesn't sound at all like herpes.

2) And no, herpes lesions cannot resolve in 3 days.

3) No STD would normally behave like this.  Many non-STD conditions of course could crop up in monogamous persons.

4) What actions?  Visit a doctor or clinic and find out what it is.  I'll be happy to comment further at that time, if you would like to report back on what is found.

I hope this helps.  Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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Thank you for a quick response. This will be my last post. If you could reply that would be great.

My main concern is the recurrence in the same spot with slight pain when touched...  Today is still red and dry feeling, just sensitive feeling.

Does this warrant a good test or can I feel confident herpes is not possible?

I do not wanna pay for a blood test if its not necessary.

Thank you again!!!
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Herpes indeed can be a reccurrent problem, but so can many other conditions, and your description of the lesion does not otherwise suggest herpes.  I would not recommend a test for herpes until and unless a health professional examined it and thought herpes to be a possibility.  You definitely should not test yourself in this circumstance, without professional evaluation -- which you definitely should do.

My offer to comment further, after you have been examined, still stands.  Until then I'll have no other comments or advice.
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I sincerely apologize for this last post, but I feel as though I may have minimized my original post.

It is day 3 of the spot and I have noticed it has a slight white dry skin look or so, not entirely sure its a scab and it still feels like a dry rough patch of skin but I feel like it may be a scab of sorts.

I also think i minimized the duration, since its day three although I can barely notice it now but its still there. I am thinking the duration is probably closer to the 4 day range and I just do not notice exactly when its gone because it diminishes so much.

Does this change your opinion of if it sounds like herpes or suggestion to get a blood test for herpes?

Is there anything specific I should watch for to indicate otherwise?

Again Sorry and Thank You I know your extremely busy on here.
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This doesn't change my opinion or advice.  Any additional comments, other than a report of your clinic/doctor visit, will be deleted.
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