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Red spots and rash on genital area

I had a protected (condom) sex with a stranger 2 weeks ago.

Last week a red spot appeared in my pubic area, it was like a sit or pimp. After a few days I pinched it and a whiteish liquid came out of it, in the next few days i developed a red rash between my leg and my right testicle and another of those pimps appeared, this time next to my testicle, as shown in the attached pictures.

http://imgur.com/A32Hd.jpg  <- Pimple like formation
http://imgur.com/HYUOv.jpg <- Red Rash

Could this be Herpes or any kind of STD, or is it only a Skin reaction?

In both cases, which treatment do you recommend?

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Welcome to our Forum.  I am sorry but we do not look at pictures on this site.  Past experience has shown us that often the pictures lead to min-interpretation and that verbal descriptions are more useful for guiding the advice that we give.

In addition, it is important for me to point out that an interaction over the internet is no substitute for direct examination by a trained clinician who can then provide you with guidance regarding management of your problem.  With those caveats, let me make several comments which I hope will be helpful to you.

The contact you describe is low risk.  Here are the reasons why- First it is unlikely that  your partner had an STD of any sort, most people do not.  Secondly, even if your partner had an STD, most exposures to infected partners do not lead to transmission of infection.  In fact, in no instance does contract with an infected partner lead to transmission more than once for every three contacts.  Third and most importantly, your sex was condom protected and condoms dramatically reduce the risk of getting all STDs.

As for the symptoms you describe.  The spot in your public area that you describe sounds much like folliculitis.  Folliculitis occurs when the pores in your skin get plugged.  This allows that normal bacteria that are present on just about every-one's skin to grow and cause what is essentially a pimple.  Some of these just appear as red bumps which may or may not be  tender while others go on to actually form pimples.  In some instances, if you look closely you can see a hair coming out of, or nearby the bump- this too is typical of folliculitis).  When folliculitis lesions are squeezed, yellow, pus-like material sometimes comes out.

As for the rash on your leg, I suspect that too is unrelated to your sexual exposure. It may have been chafing or "jock itch"

In both cases, if these are still problems for you., I would suggest you have a clinician take a look.  On the other hand, neither sounds like an STD and is not an emergency.

Hope these comments are helpful.  EWH

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