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Red tipped Penis, small dots on urethral meatus, stinging, Urgency & Frequency- Negative Blood & Urine STD tests

3 weeks after MAY unprotected sex w/friend, dime sized red stinging penis tip, itching shaft, Urgency, Frequency (3-8 x day) & subsequent little dots on urethral meatus.
MULTIPLE NEG BLOOD, URINE, Trich, URINE DIP STICK, Cystoscopy, Ultra-sound & digital exam
Treated for NSU, Prostatitis, Trich, & Chlamydia-multiple courses of 5 antibiotics :
Symptoms variable but never resolve.  Sex with wife twice no symptoms.
Symptoms improve but November fellatio from friend revives symptoms more intensely.
New NEG STD BLOOD & URINE tests & Zithromax, Amoxicillan (30days) & Doxycycline(10days).
Clear evidence against all STD's tested.  December semen-elevated Enterococcus-- Amoxicillan 30 days.
Genital Warts MAIN CONCERN.  Multiple exams-NEG on Genital warts -in January Dr agrees redness not normal -Desonide-less redness- no impact otherwise.
MAIN CONCERN edge of urethra meatus.  At times, 1-5 dots in size from 1/16th" to pin head. Mostly skin colored, but larger one darker.  Not felt by finger- at times visable, at times not.  occasionally 2 or 3 little pin head sized blood spots.  Don't know if dermatologist saw dots even though 25% of Genital Warts at this location
1. On what basis should rely on Dr's, none of whom used magnifying glass, or acetic acid and all quickly assessed this was probably "guilt and anxiety"
2. Is there a relation between size (very small) of Gen Warts and size of warts someone would contract from them
3. Drs advised sex with wife. Under what circumstances would you allow the symptoms described to further concern you?  What would you do?
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If a doctor cannot see something wrong, probably nothing is physically wrong.  A magnifying glass isn't necessary, and my bet is that you are just looking too closely and that you are seeing normal anatomy of your penile skin.  In any case, no STD causes such a problem and the multiple negative tests prove you don't have an STD.

Bottom line:  Your doctors probably are right.  You can be sure you have nothing that will ever harm your health or your wife's.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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