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Risk factor HELP!

First off,im writing here due to the fact i feel totally confindent in your answers ,so  I been with the same girl for 6 years in that time frame ive had 3 one night stands that im not at all proud of all of them were protected well back i around january 17th 2010 i started chatting with a girl  and one thing lead to another and we started to have sex it was unprotected and lasted for 5-10 mins before i stopped i freaked out and asked her (as i did way before we did anything) if she was clean she told me yes she said she had not been tested but she was sure she was clean she is 26,since then ive been freaking out that i have caught herpes,ive been to my GP doctor and i told him and he said i would have signs for sure and not always to believe what you read on the internet he also felt i didnt have herpes (i went to see him about 8 days after exposure) he did a urine test and it all came back clear so he felt no need for futher testing ive been having some bad headaches above my eyes and sore throat and went back to him and he felt it was just my sinus acting up and felt i may be having chronic sinusitis and while i was there i told him (this visit was 16-18 days after the incident) i was having alot of soreness on my penis and red but no blisters or sore he looked and said it looked like jock itch so he told me so get OTC .SO here i am about 40 something days since the sex,I am still having that discomfort on the penis shaft-I am circumcised but the best way to out it when im not erect my penis shrinks up like a tutrle head,my GC doctor also noticed i have some left over skin/scaring from the circumcisin is that a factor?

1) likelyhood- i have herpes or any std

2) what in the world is the tender skin on my penis caused from

3) i have been having bad low backpain and hip and calve pain for over a year is it posible to have herpes without sores and blisters  but have leg pain and headache and swollen lypmnodes??

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Welcome to the Forum.  Please realize the in all probability your partner did not have an STD and if she id, most exposures to infected partners do not lead to infection.,  That you have had a negative urine test also makes STDs unlikely.

The rash you describe does not suggest herpes. The rash of HSV typically appears within 10 days of exposure and then forms small "water blisters" which go on to form ulcerations.  Your lesions do not sound this way.  

The tender area on your penis could have many causes.  Repeated self examination could do this, as cold a fungal infection.  I would suggest that if it does not get noticeably better after a few days of not repeatedly examining yourself, you ask your doctor.  Sometimes the OTC medications do not take care of fungal skin infections.  

HSV infections do not cause low back pain of the sort you describe.

I hope these comments are helpful. Take care.  EWH
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Dr, Im sorry feel free to advise on this as well i dint know you were in the fourm thanks you!!
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Thank you doctor,
thats the other factor i forgot to add the head of the penis has felt cold and the area under the retracted skin has been moist maybe due to sweating?? also yes the uinalysis was negitive and that made my GP pretty confinidant do you thing i need i need to worry about HIV Or HEP a b c??? at all,and i have an appointment to the dermatologist on the 8th of march that i was refer to from my GP,thanks again!
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