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ST pubic region rash?

About a month or more ago, I've noticed discoloration just above the pubic hair region, generally the spots look almost as if they were birth marks and are just slightly visible, sometimes they apear to be a bit dry and seem to occasionally be slightly flaky, they're not very often itchy but sometimes itching occurs. the closest they get to my actuall genitals is just about an inch from the base of the penis, and right on the sides of where the scrotum starts... I've searched these types of forums and have seen nothing similar, so I'd thought I'd post before rushing off to the doctor, as this does not seem hyper critical, if anyone knows, could you spare a word of wise?

Thank you much...
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This could be any of a number of kinds of skin rash.  Psoriasis comes to mind, and would be especially likely if you also have flaky patches anywhere else on your body, or if you have prominent dandruff.  In any case, it doesn
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Hi Patient,

About a month or two ago, I noticed a very small pink/pale brown circle on the edge of my pubic hair and thought nothing of it as I figured it must have been an ingrown hair or something.  I noticed another one a few weeks ago - same size, and colour.  Today I noticed that I now have many (am not sure when the others showed up).  But one is very large now - about the size of a quater.

Your description of what your issue looked like, is identical to mine: generally the spots look almost as if they were birth marks and are just slightly visible, sometimes they apear to be a bit dry and seem to occasionally be slightly flaky.  Mine are not at all itchy, raised or easily spotted - that is why I think I only discovered the majority of them today as they are difficult to see.

These small and large circles are only around the edge of my pubic hair and upper thighs - they are absolutely nowhere else.
I also want to say that I do not get dandruff and have had no issues with skin rashes or anything like this before.  This seems very strange to be natural; something must be wrong here.  Due to it's location, I'm assuming it may be an STD as it's only around the groin and nowhere else.

I was wondering - did you see a doctor about this?  If so, what did he/she state was the diagnosis.  I am worried as I will be unable to get to a doctor for another 3 weeks, and was wondering if it was serious should I try to head off earlier??


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