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STD - licking

Dear Dr.
A couple of days ago I went to a massage parlor, and had the following exposure:

The masseuse licked the shaft and head of my penis a couple of times, as well as my back and ears. My penis did not entered her mouth, and her mouth did not seem to have lesions at all.
I am worried about herpes and other STD's and would appreciate your indicating to me the risks associated with such exposure (and the level of risks).
Thank you and kind regards.
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Welcome to the Forum.  There is no known risk associate with contact of the sort you describe.  Most commercial sex workers do not have STDs and there are no scientific data to logically answer this question.  However, logically if she did not take you penis into her mouth there should be no risk for any STD.  this includes STDs such are herpes which would be transmitted by direct contact of an infectious area on her lips with your penis (as opposed to the tongue).  

I would not worry and see no need for testing.  EWH
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