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STD Risk Assessment and Testing

I am a 35 year old white heterosexual male who has had 5 sexual partners since my last full panel STD test (including HIV) a few years ago. The test results back then were only a positive for HSV-1 and negative for all the rest. I have had an HIV test (negative) about a year ago but since then have had 3 partners. The first two were one time unprotected events with single white women and the last is a new relationship I am in. Being in this new relationship we have started having unprotected sex recently and I am wondering if I should worry about having an STD given my history listed above. I haven't had any symptoms of any kind and plan to get tested soon but just want to know what my changes are of having any STDs including HIV at this point. I understand the recommendation is generally to get a full STD panel including HIV at least once a year, when with a new partner, or after having more than 2 partners in the same year. I guess I am just looking at your honest assessment of my risk and if I should needlessly worry, being that I could have put my current partner at risk.

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Unfortunately, you don't say much about your partners and their sexual lifestyles; "single white women" doesn't help much.  However, if they have sexual lives similar to yours, the risk of HIV is virtually zero.  The risk for other STDs, especially chlamydia, is higher.

The "at least once a year" testing recommendation is pretty soft, but it's not a bad guideline for most sexally active singles.  In any case, without testing, you cannot know with 100% certainty, so I suggest you do it, since it's on your mind.  Have blood tests for syphilis and HIV and a urine test for gonorrhea and chlamydia.  Your local health department STD clinic would be a good source for expert, low cost care; or you could see your personal health care provider.  Wherever you do it, you can expect negative results -- but better safe than sorry.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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None of my last partners were what I would call HIGH RISK (i.e. prostitues, IV drug users, sleep with bisexual men) however the last partner, before my current one, I met on the internet and I had an unplanned ONS with. We used protection for half the time and then the condem broke so I continued for approximately 5 mins. She was a 31 year old divorced single woman who because of our ONS and herself being a self described wild child/party girl I am worried she is very promiscous.

I had a urine test before the last few sexual partners due to blood being found in my urine which in the end checked out fine. The urologist didnt see anything wrong with my urine he said so I suspect he didn't see white blood cells or anything else indicative of infection???

Does this extra information change anything about what you said?

Thanks again,
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This information doesn't change my opinion or advice.  A normal urinalysis doesn't rule out gonorrhea or chlamydia; specific tests have to be done.
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