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STD concerns massage parlor activity

Hello Doctor, thanks for reviewing and responding to my questions and concerns below. You folks do amazing work.

On a recent visit 4 days ago to the local massage parlor in Houston TX, I engaged in sexual activity with the massage lady/ CSW - she was from china and spoke no English.

First activity was a protected ******* with a condom for about 5 minutes. Then she removed the condom and gave me an unprotected handjob using baby oil as lube for another 3-4 minutes until I orgasmed.  She then wiped me with a warm towel (not sure how clean it was).

The next day I experienced abnormal urination whereby I would urinate and then within minutes feel like urinating again, and then again and again. (Frequent urination). This has been going on for the last 4 days. There is no pain so far during urination but just have to go again and again. Never had this happen before.

I am married with children and this was one of those bad decision moments that has left me in this dilemma with guilt and anxiety.

My concerns are STDs - which STD could I have contracted from the activity above and what testing do you recommend? Would the towel pose any additional risks?

Thanks in advance.
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Welcome to our Forum.  The activities you describe pose no risk whatsoever for HIV or for other STDs and your symptoms are not due to HIV or an STD- of this I can assure you.

Condom protected sex is safe sex and if you wore your condom throughout your sexual encounter there is no reason for concern.  Similarly, STDs and HIV are not transmitted through masturbation or through contact with inanimate objects such as towels.  There are no cases where this has ever been proven to occur.

As for your symptoms, there are no STDs including HIV which cause symptoms within 1 or typically even two days of sex.  Further frequent urination is not a symptom of any STD but it is a symptoms of anxiety.

There is no reason for concern and no reason for testing related to the activities you have described. Please try not to worry.  EWH
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Many thanks for the feedback doctor. Yes it was condom protected oral sex, there was no penetration. Would there be any risk from possible saliva mixing with the baby oil during the masturbation?
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No, there would be no risk.  There are no instances in which HIV has been transmitted by saliva.  EWH
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