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STD from oral sex

I have a few questions. How strong is the risk of getting a STD from unprotected oral sex as a male with a female, being both the giver and receiver? How soon after possible exposure could I expect to get an accurate test result? I have read that with bacteria STDs pain while urinating is common but what about pain in the penis while not urinating? I have pain in my penis before having to go to the bathroom and sometimes after but never during. I also have pain/pressure in my lower abdomen. I will ultimately get tested but my exposure was only 3 days ago and think it may be too soon to get accurate test results.
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The Disclaimer message at the top of the forum suggests that users scan the forum for questions similar to their own.  In this case, virtually the identical question was covered just yesterday.  Rather than repeating myself, I'll ask you to read my reply at http://www.medhelp.org/posts/STDs/ORAL-SEX--STDS---confused/show/1507047

Testing for gonorrhea, which is among the most common STDs from oral sex (but still rare), is accurate within 2-3 days after exposure.  A blood test for syphilis needs to wait 6 weeks, but syphilis is so rare in this situation that testing is rarely required.

Nongonococcal urethritis (NGU), perhaps sometimes due to normal oral bacteria, can follow oral sex.  However, it causes discharge from the penis, usually not the sort of symptoms you have; and NGU symptoms usually don't show up so early, usually 7-10 days or longer.

The symptoms you describe are not typical for any STD.  However, they are quite typical for genitally focused anxiety, which can follow a sexual exposure that someone regrets, or if they are worried about STDs.  If your symptoms continue, see a health care provider just to be safe.  As I suggested above, a test for gonorrhea can be done now, but you should expect it to be negative.

I hope this helps.   HHH, MD
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