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       I'm 28 male and uncircumcised. I had met 4 escorts over last four months, I had protected sex except I received oral sex with out condom and there was lot of deep kissing involved (I might had chapped lips with minor cuts). I'm gonna get tested for all STD in a week time but my concern right now is what are my chances of catching STD's including HIV. I checked for sores after the encounters but I don't think I had any. My concern is HIV, hepatitis, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. I got my first vaccination shot of hep A and hep B after initial two encounters (40 days ago). I'm noticing slight inconvenience around the liver area. I'm concerned that I might have picked up either hep A,B, or C and also having slight difficulty in breathing after eating or running for a while over last couple days.  I'm not over weight and work out at least 3 days a week and this thing is concerning me. I would really appreciate your advice

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Welcome to the forum.

"Escort" implies female sex workers by appointment, usually expensive.  Such persons often are at low risk for HIV and other STDs; they tend to know the score, their partenrs often are at low risk (men like you!); they use condoms consistently; and many are tested frequently for HIV and other STDs.  So you probably are at low risk for all STDs.

As for your specific exposures, condom protected sex is safe and oral sex is low risk for all STDS (and zero risk for some); and kissing is risk free.  It's a good idea to be tested for gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, and HIV -- but I would not recommend any other tests beyond these.  And you certainly can expect these tests to be negative.  

Contrary to popular beliefs, hepatitis C is not an STD; the only proved sexual transmission occurs in gay men with traumatic (potentially bloody) rectal sexual practices and hetereosexual transmission is rare if it occurs at all.  Hep B transmission probably requires unprotected vaginal or anal sex, with little or no risk by kissing or oral sex. Being vaccinated against it is a good idea for everyone, so that's a good move -- but in the meantime, you really haven't been at risk for it.  And hep A is rarely if ever tranmitted heterosexually -- again, vaccination won't hurt, but you haven't been at risk.

Your symptoms -- including an apparent change in excercise tolerance -- are not at all suggestive of HIV or any other STD.  This is unrelated to your sexual exposures, except maybe through anxiety about them.

Bottom line:  Go ahead with selective STD/HIV testing, for reassurance.  But if these exposures are your only potential risks, you can expect negative results.

I hope this has helped.  Best wishes -- HHH, MD
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