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Scary Situation


Beyond drunk picked up woman on side of the road. I took her motel room, where she injected herself meth! Gave me oral maybe 5-10 seconds and then proceeded to leave the room and come back to do more drugs.  I handed her a bunch of cash before anymore sexual acts may or may not have occurred. She left (when I blacked out) the room and later came back. I have no idea what exactly happened before I passed out! My blood was drawn 114 days after exposure plnd pthood in Seattle. What I didn't like was that their incubation periods are longer than both of yours.

Results: RPR aka Syphilis?  Non-Reactive-no flags- range non-reactive
HSV 2 <0.91 Underneath flags there was a N- Range 0.00-0.90
It says that <0.91 is negative but can you please explain the flag and range info? Should I worry about asymptomatic herpes 1 & 2 after a few months? Why can't there be a guarantee that if there's no symptoms you're fine?
Hep C <0.1 flags N Range 0.0-0.9 It goes on to say negative is 100 Flags-N Range-nothing listed
HIV 1/o/2 Abs, Qual^SE non reactive flags-n range non reactive
HIV 1/o/2 Abs-Index Value^SE <1.00 flags n range <1.00
Can I be 100 percent confident with these results?

1.Are ALL of my test results negative?  If so, are they at 114 days absolutely definitive?
2.Why does Planned Parenthood and other agencies have such long or different incubation periods?  
3.Regardless of my risk level-What is your incubation period aka testing window for all of the testable stds?
4.What explains the varying hep b antibody surface results?  My previous test had an A under flags and the current one says N.
5.Hep B past vaccine guarantee assurance?
6.Hep C scares me because of the needle use, should I still be 100 percent confident?
7.Is not being tested for hsv1 a concern?
8.I'm most concerned about HIV.Can I be 100 percent confident about its result?

Thank you!

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Welcome back to the forum.  I'm sorry to hear you are so anxious despite the negative lab tests.

1) All your tests are definitely negative.  They PROVE you did not catch any of the infections for which the tests were done.  You needn't worry and do not need any further lab tests.

2,3) The incubation periods for various tests are determined by the tests themselves, not the clinic doing them.  However, differnt providers have different ideas abouthow long it may take until results are reliable.  But 114 days is plenty for any and all of the tests you had.

4,5) I can't explain this but it doesn't affect the negative interpretation.  If you have been immunized against hep B, the antibody is the result of the vaccine, and it means you are 100% immune to ever being infected with HBV.  You shouldn't ever be tested for it -- a wasste of money.

6)  The HCV test result is 100% relaible, regardless of the risk of infection.  In any case, HCV is rarely sexually transmitted, despite what you think you have learned on line.  The only proved sexual transmission scenario for HCV is among gay men who participate in traumatic (bloody) rectal sexual practices.  Heterosexual transmission is rare if it occurs at all.

7) There was no reason for testing for HSV-1.  Half of all adults have positive test results anyway.

8) Any and all HIV tests are 100% reliable more than 3 months after the last possible exposure.

You don't mention testing for gonorrhea and chlamydia, normally done by urine testing.  Probably those tests were done and negative.  If so, you can move on with no worry or concern about any of this.  No further testing is recommended.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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There was a mistake with my cut and paste. Sorry.

Hep C <0.1 flags N Range 0.0-0.9 It goes on to say negative is 100 Flags-N Range-nothing listed
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I saw these comments before replying above.  They do not change my opinions or advice.
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I appreciate your prompt feedback... For some reason, not to offend planned parenthood, but they just don't provide the assurance that someone as qualified as yourself does.  I am sorry I couldn't fit this into my previous posts, I was having computer issues (most likely me!)

Here is what my hep b and c results said on my lab result print out:

HBsAg Screen ^SE     Result   Negative   Flags N     Range Negative

Hep B Surface Ab^SE  Result   > 100       Flags N      Range  nothing listed

Hep C Virus Ab^SE       Result  <0.1         Flags N     Range 0.0-0.9


1.  Even though you think hep b is a waste of money are these results negative and are they definitive?
2.  Does RPR stand for syphilis?
3.  I am truly sorry but "half of adults have hsv1" doesn't ease my mind for some reason.  Can I lean on the fact that I haven't had symptoms in over 3 months?
4.  You said I don't need further testing?  Does that include trich and ngu without any symptoms?  I just want to have sex with my girlfriend and move on!  I praise her to death for standing by me through all of this!
5.  My gonn and chy results were indeed negative as well.  I just wanted you to have all of the facts before giving me your sound advice... Last question... now are all of my results definitive and can I move on?
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1) Yes -- your result is definitive either for a past (resolved) HBV infection or with past immunization.

2) Yes.  The letters stand for rapid plasma reagin, a standard syphilis screening blood test.

3) The lack of symptoms after the sexual exposure is additional evidence you weren't infected with HSV-1 during that event.

4) Correct.  There is no test for NGU wihtout symptoms.  Trich is rare in men and harmless when it occurs, and goes away without treatment.  Forget it.

5) I already said your results are definitive and you can move on.

That's all for this thread.  There is nothing you can think of that would possibly change my opinion or advice, so I wont' have anything more to say.
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Thank you! You provide music to my ears!
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