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Semen Like Discharge While Straining To Deficate

I am a 35yr old white married male. Except for this one mistake I have not slept with anyone else during my 10 year marriage. Here is a brief medical history:

1 day my wife complained about a yeast infection (history of them). Week later I felt a difference in my overall health. No libido and shrinkage of my penis, a lot of dribbling after urinating.Dosage of Adderall increased at this time. Attributed it to Adderall.

2 weeks later while away on business I had unprotected (condom broke) vaginal intercourse with a married 36 yr old white woman I had talked to for several months via email. She has been married for 15 years and had only 1 other affair about a year prior. She assures me she has never had any issues or irregular pap smears in her life.I believe her to be incredibly honest.

4 weeks later the following symptoms surfaced. About 4 or 5 times a week, I have an frequent urge to urinate even though I know there is no need. This is usually followed by a mild spasm in my testicles, sometimes it feels like there is discharge but never is.When I get this feeling I know that if I go to the restroom, sit down and strain to deficate, I will ejaculate semen looking matter (squirting not dripping). After I clear this out of system symptoms are relieved.There is no spontaneous discharge or dripping. It does not hurt to urinate.

I went to see my primary physician and told him about the symptoms (not the affair...he is a family friend) He took a urine sample, and did a prostate exam on 2 occasions. No bacteria in urine, boggy prostate given two seperate 2 weeks cycles of 100mg Doxy. Still on Adderall

Worried that I infected wife with something and in turn reinfected myself. She has no symptoms and was on 875mg of Amoxcillan a day for a staph infection when we had sex before I was treated (we both have reoccuring boils from a surgery)

Does this sound like an STD to you?
What are the odds my wife was infected with something.

Please advise.
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This does not sound like an STD. Neither urinary frequency, dribbling or testicular spasm is a symptom of STD.   These symptoms, as well as the discharge you see after straining at stool are more consistent with a prostate problem that an STD.

Just to put things in context and hopefully to add to your comfort level- statistically bacterial STDs such as chlamydia and gonorrhea are less common in women over 30 than younger women. This combined with the fact that you believe her to be low risk work in your favor as well.

I would continue to pursue the prostate angle.  Hope this helps.  EWH
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