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Small blister/pimples lip area


I've noticed today that I have 1 small blister (1 on each side of my mouth) right under the lower lip.  It's weird because in the beginning the bursted white pus like a pimple would.  What concerns me now is that one side developed that "crust", almost like it scabbed over (this is what worries me).

One side (the side that isn't crusting) recurred from about a month ago, where again it was a blister, but seemed to turn into a pimple and had pus come out.  I have no tingling, burning or itch on my lips and doesn't even hurt, with the exception of when I pick at it.

There is also no cluster formed, it's just one small blister/pimple on each side.  Last time it was just 1 on the one side but it is pretty much in the same spot.

However I read that Herpes can be just in the form of just 1 blister.  Is the crusting just a scabe from me pinching at it like a pimple?  Is it herpes?  I am pretty shaken up at this point.

Thanks for your help,

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A history of recurring sores on the lips of the type you describe is certainly consistent with cold sores due to herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1).  It is also possible that it could be another process and without directly examining it and performing tests. neither of us can really be sure.  The right way to get this sorted out is to go and seek evaluation by a knowledgeable health care provider as soon as the lesions next occur.  At that time, unless there is another obvious explanation, it would be reasonable for the provider to do either a culture or PCR for herpes.  In folks with recurrences cultures can be negative, particularly if the lesion has been there a while so it is important to get these lesions tested as soon as they appear.

A good gG-based blood test may also help to sort this out.

Either way, if you have a positive test, there will be no way for the test to tell you how long you have had the infection.

Hope this helps.  EWH
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I'm wondering if the crust part is resulting from picking at it.  Again, they are not big at all and are not directly on my lips, but just right below.  No bigger than a small pebble. And again, there is no pain itch or burn whatsoever, when I am not messing with it.
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Ok so you don't know for sure.  I just noticed the second occurrence is not in the same spot because the small scar from the last "lesion" was about a half inch away from it.  I never felt that tingling, or pain that you are supposed to feel.  I always was told it comes in clusters and not just one bump.  I really hope that this is something else that is temporary and it looks NOTHING like the pictures I see on the internet in regards to oral herpes.

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Well, let's assume that it is Herpes.  It seems to me that it is not really a big problem.  Would it be fair to say that it is a very mild case?  I'm 25 and I'm sure as an M.D. you are aware that "Herpes" is viewed as a social deviance (not just sexually), and this concerns me with my female interaction and even male (friends) interaction.  I hear from my parents that "It's only a cold sore!"  But I read Cold Sore = Herpes, period.  I know if someone said "She has herpes" I would quickly run the other way, without asking "is it 1 or 2? and is it mild?"  What's the social connection here?  Again, assuming it is a mild case of HSV-1...
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