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Small painless lesion on skin of penis

My 50 year old son has a very small (the size of a pin head)painless white lesion on his penis near the scrotum where it is often damp. I would describe it as tiny open lesion that does not completely heal.  This thing has been there for a couple years; he is married and his wife does not have any evidence of STD. This thing was not painful but annoying and had some slight burn sensation when an antiseptic was applied.  There are no visible yellowish or pusslike ozzings... it is small solid white.   A few days ago, havining read a suggestion from an online medical forum such as this,  he decided to soak the small white lesion in a vinegar solution for about two hours. Resulting in the loss of what appeared to be dead skin...now this thing seem to have gotten larger (perhaps what we are looking at is the loss of dead skin)...it is not painful and there are no swellings, he applied rubbing alchol and iodine directly on it an it does not significantly burn just a slight tingle sensation that last for a few minutes.  He is deathly afraid of going to the DR for the fear of being told that he has Herpes.  Can you give me some advice to help prepair him for a Dr visit.  I told him this looks like some kind of cancerous condition??
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Welcome back to the Forum.  I'll try to provide some information but the real thing that needs to be done is that your son needs to see a dermatologist and find out what this is and have it taken care of.

The lesion you describe sounds nothing like genital herpes and if it were, the lesion would have healed in just a few weeks, not have persisted for several years.  In the location you describe there are a number of absolutely normal things which could be present- cysts, infected hair follicles, etc.  Alternatively, but probably less likely , this could be a genital wart.  None of the possibilities I have mentioned are a big deal- they are easily treated if treatment is needed and have little long term harm.  As far as a cancer is concerned, if this were a cancer, it would be expected that it would have gotten bigger or otherwise evolved over the years of observation.  Chances of cancer are small. Even if it were a concern, the thing to do would be to get it treated (typically with very simple, office based surgery) which would be curative.

No matter what this is, it does little good to wait and worry. Urge your son to not worry and to seek the opinion of a dermatologist.  EWH
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