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Small white bumps on vulva..

Recently I noticed a small white dot the size of a pinhead on the insides of my vulva.  With closer examination, I noticed many tiny white bumps on the inside of my vulva, not on the outside.  Some can only be seen when the skin is stretched a certain amount, then disappears again when stretched too much.  I have attempted to pop the larger ones, and a hard white substance comes out.  The skins bleeds, then the bump is gone, no scarring.  Some are harder than others are.  Are these warts, or could they be sebaceous glands or pearly paules?  Is it normal to have bumps on the inside of your vulva?  Please help I am so scared to find out I have HPV or something even worse.
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Small bumps and irregularities of the sort you describe indeed are normal.  From your description, sebaceous or mucus glands (i.e., nothing abnormal at all) sounds most likely and I doubt warts.  But stop trying to figure it out yourself or by online description; see a health care provider.  If cost is an issue, visit your local health department family planning or STD clinic, or Planned Parenthood.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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