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Small yellow blisters

Thanks so much for ready my question, I am very worried about what I think is a herpes infection. I have tiny small yellow spots-like blisters in my pubic hair area about 1 cm from where the hairline starts on my lower abdomen. This has happened 3 times over the last 4 years and I spoke to my GP about it after the first time it happened. I am 32 year old female and to be honest, I can only assume that since I have been sexually active since I was 18, I most have had some exposure to STD's, despite being very cautious with condoms, accidents sometimes happen.

My doctor assured it definately wasn't herpes due to the location and advised that herpes is primarially located on the vulva/genitials. I ahd no symptons in these areas at all. But I have convinced myself that these tiny blisters are herpes. He advised it was most likley a fungal infection and advised if it occured again, to apply the anti-fungal cream he perscrbed, About 1 year later, I felt similar symptons, reddening and itching so applied the cream and that was it, the symptons went away. However, I have convinced myself that these tiny blisters are herpes.

Last week, a similiar thing happened. The area got red, then 3 tiny small sport appeared and the crusted over. The whole process took about 10 days. I am convinced it is herpes and looking on various website would worry anyone sick.

I know I should go straight to the doctor again but feel silly as we have been through the diagnosis and maybe I am fretting myself over nothing. I have been getting cold sores for the last 6 years, about once a year and normally when I am really run down.Cuold I ahve transferred the cold sore to the pubic hair area?

Any opinion/advise would be greatful.

Any opinion would be
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I agree with your doctor.  You describe typical episodes of folliculitis (hair follicle infection), not herpes.  Here is a description of recurrent genital herpes; I'll bet you will immediately realize it does not describe what you have had.  

* Rarely involves the pubic area; in women, usually the labia or vaginal opening.

* Each outbreak has only a few lesions (often only 1 or 2), limited to a cluster less than an inch in diameter.

* Each outbreaks in the place each time, give or take an inch -- and always on one side of the body's midline or the other, never on both sides.

* Lesions not associated with hairs. I'll bet that on close inspection, you can see that a hair emanates from each yellow "blister" (as well as some red spots that aren't yet blisters).

By contrast, folliculitis breaks all those rules:  bilateral lesions, more widespread, pubic area not labia, involved with hairs.  You might have misunderstood your doctor on one point, however. Folliculitis is usually due to a superficial bacterial infection, like staph or strep, not fungi.

As for "transferring" herpes to a lew location, that's called auto-inoculation.  It can happen, but typically only during the initial infection.  People with longstanding recurrent herpes, whether oral or genital, almost never auto-inoculate a new body area.

Finally, you definitely should see your doctor again.  Folliculitis responds well to antibiotics, perhaps in an ointment, but sometimes an oral prescription is necessary.

I hope this helps.  Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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