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Strange Dots on Glans of Penis

I have a condition like balanitis probably due to yeast infection.
I am uncircumcised 29year old unmarried male.
Penis glans looks fine when normal but as soon as penis erects and i masturbate it becomes red with tiny dots/pimples on it which is only visible under microscopic lens.  There is Nothing on shaft or at prepuce.
No other symptom of any type at all at all.....
Exposure 4months ago with a general girl not prostitute. Unprotected Oral she gave on me for a night. Protected vaginal sex after that.
The outbreak started just after 3 days with just these red dots on glans and no other symptom of herpes or anythg else. I applied nizoral it disappeared but it comes again and again...
Tested for all STD’s ( two times )including herpes both IGG and IGM with ELISA method after 16weeks of exposure . All testes are low negative.
My questions:-
1) Are my tests conclusive after 4months specially for herpes.? Is it possible that my body has not produce antibodies yet . Please note i never used any mediction for herpes .
2) What are the chances of HPV from oral sex. Is this the representation of gential warts.? I suppose it never occurs on glans surface like red dots representation.
3) I have tried for antifungal creams (canestan,Emuson etc )but nothing removes completely. They only fades away the tiny bumps. But when i masturabate it is visible again.
I am living in Nigeria . In this country it is hard to find any gud dermatologist.
I got tested myself from India only. I saw one venerologist he said it is not STD.

please see this link
for my position of 25th day of exposure. is this balantis
Please please advice...

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Welcome to the forum.  Unfortunately, I cannot help much.

As a matter of policy, on this forum we do not examine posted clinical photos.  In my view, that comes too close to practicing medicine from a distance.  It is not the role of any online forum to make any diagnosis, or to rule out any particular cause.  We provide general advice; direct diagnosis must come from in-person professional evaluation.

I reviewed your discussion with Terri Warren on the herpes forum.  Combining that information plus all you say here, I can confirm that it is exceedingly unlikely you have genital herpes.  For sure herpes cannot explain your symptoms; even if you were to have a positive test for HSV (e.g., an positive blood test for HSV-2), my conclusion would be you have asymptomatic herpes plus some other cause for the spots on your penis.

HPV also does not cause such things.  Here too, it is conceivable you have HPV -- any any point in time, about a quarter of all sexually active men have genital HPV.  But if you do, it has nothing to do with your penile spots.

While you undoubtedly had balanitis -- whether due to candida or other causes (e.g., "nonspecific" balanitis) -- I'm not sure you still have it.  Any skin spots of the penis that only are visible during sexual arousal almost certainly represent minor anomalies of blood flow to those particular spots -- and arousal is a time of intense blood flow to the penis.  Such variations with different blood flow are not in themselves abnormal.  My guess is you're just paying too close attention, due to your anxieties about herpes.

Those comments cover questions 1 and 2.  As for question 3, that these spots have not responded to the treatments you have tried is part of the evidence that you no longer have yeast or any other balanitis; it's one of the reasons I believe that at this point, you have nothing abnormal.  That a venereologist agrees also is very strong reassurance and you should accept and trust his judgment.  If you disagree and remain concerned, you'll just need to see another health professional for further assessment, preferably a dermatologist or another venereologist.

Truly, this should not be such a big concern for you.  For sure you have no STD, and nothing that will ever harm you or a sex partner.  My advice is that you stop examining your penis and go on with your life with no worry about it.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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Thank you doctor ,
I just want to explain you more about my current situation.

My symptoms have three stages.
1) My penis glans seems ok when not aroused.
2) On slighty arousal my glans starts becoming red and visible red dots on it.
3) Finally when fully erect these red dots starts becoming flat with tiny tiny lines all over my glans & at this time my glans are like blood red.
It do not cause any pain or itching. They are just there for 4 months.

It is very embarrassing when my penis becomes red on arousal and gives me immense stress  about my condition. Have u come across in your medical carrier people having similar situation like me?  I need the advice of your personal experience with the people like my condition.

Please advice if my tests after 4 months are conclusive i have done HIV,VDRL,Hept-B,and herpes(IGG & IGM)
All are negative and did them two times in different labs. The method was ELISA.
I suppose if this is herpes coming and going then my body must have detectable antibodies which could have come in tests..
I understand and apologise for asking similar questions as my above post but please please doctor reply me.

Do u want to say that i have to live with this for rest of my life?
Please prescribe me something .....i beg you doc..

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Your lab tests are conclusive; you don't have HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B, or herpes.  Even if one of those tests had been positive, it would not have explained your problem; no STD causes anything at all like your symptoms.  Beyond that, I have no advice.  This is a forum for STDs only, not to explain other genital symptoms.  However, I will point out that most men probably would not be embarrassed or concerned about symptoms like you describe, which do not sound serious and may not even be abnormal.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.  Good luck.
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Thank you very much doctor. I will follow your advice.
Now i am worried about my HPV status. As far as my partners concern i started doing sex just 9 months back with one prostitute and 4 others normal girls. All vaginal protected but oral unprotected. I was not having knowledge of HPV otherwise i would have never done this mistake in my life and put my life partner in trouble.

Since then i have done extensive research about HPV on net.
I understand it is a fact of life, it is part of being human and it is inevitable.

I want to ask you something very important about HPV high –risk types:-
1) I am going to get married to marry my girlfriend next year. This year i met her and made love not vaginal but anal. Since then i am worried God forbid if i have high risk types HPV did i passed it to her . God forbid Is she is going to develop anal cancer or something?? What are chances??
2) she is 22years old now is it necessary to get regular pap smears every year or after every two year.?
If God forbid anything abnormal found in these results early i mean at the age of let us say 24 of her she should go for HSV testing also? Or wait till she turns to 30. So that she can give her body time to fight of the virus and saver her from painful methods of treatment.
3) What are the chances to develop cancer if detected on time .?
4) If there any complicacies’ in pregnancies?

My girl friend is not vaccinated and it is uncommon in India. Although medical facilities are of international standards but the awareness of HPV is very low.


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Sorry, but this is a complete change in topic and not appropriate as a follow-up comment.  Feel free to start a new thread.  However, before you spend another posting fee, consider searching the forum.  All the questions you ask have been discussed many times.

That will be all for this thread.
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