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Strange bump


Back in 2010, I discovered a bump on the penis shaft while in China and went to a hospital to get it checked.  The doctor looked at it and told me it was nothing.  The bump was skin-colored and not overly large.  It stayed there continuously for the next two years, never changing shape or color.   In that interim period, I had been tested at various times for STDs.  In January of 2012, I tested negative for Herpes and syphilis  (and the other diseases commonly tested for-- with the exception of an HPV test which wasn't being offered) and the only behavior I might consider risky, I had after that testing is detailed in my previous post from 9 months ago.  Since that time I've been in a stable, monogamous relationship for the past 6 months.  

Regardless that bump had been there for about two years when suddenly a couple weeks ago, it started to swell and develop a whitehead. It was a bit sore and kind of looked like a pimple.  I didn't try popping it, but I did wash it with soap and warm water in the shower, which I then noticed it started to ooze white pus.  Over the next couple days, I would shower with warm water and soap and it would ooze a little more white pus until it got smaller and smaller until it got to the point where the only evidence that bump for two years ever existed is a tiny little patch of skin that looks a little irritated where a hair follicle may or may not be (It's small and hard to really see clearly).  I suppose I still have a slight feeling of irritation in that area, but for all I know that's because caused by my worrying about it.

Now, I understand that there are some fairly common bumps that can occur in the genital area. I understand that sometimes hair follicles can become infected.  But I'm completely baffled how a bump that's been around for so long suddenly up and turn into what looks like a pimple, ooze white puss when washed and disappear.

What are your thoughts on this?  
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Welcome to the forum.

Neither genital warts nor herpes persist in exactly the same spot, with reucrrent inflammation; and no genital warts are red or inflamed.  Your description is typical for a sebaceous cyst or hair follicle that periodically gets inflamed.  This is an extremely common condition -- certainly nothing to be "completely baffled" about.

From your other discussions on the community forum, you appear to have difficulty trusting medical advice about genital area conditions.  I would advise you to trust your doctors and your tests -- and unless and until you have new genital symptoms in combination with high risk sexual exposures, to stop all worry about STDs. And also not to worry about a recurrent pimple!

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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