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Strange timing of symptoms( slight burn, urethral discomfort.)

I have had several(5-6) unprotected partners over the past 6 years, all of them girlfriends, except for 2 being acquaintances. I have been in a monogamous relationship for the past 9.5 months. About 1 month before my current girlfriend and I started dating, I had a one night stand with one of the acquaintances(unprotected). Before this one night stand, I had been tested for Gon/Chlamydia/HIV/Syph/Herpes, all negative. I failed to get tested after my exposure 10 months or so ago. My current girlfriend and I have been having sex since August. We have had our slip ups of unprotected sex, but most of the time we use protection. Not for disease prevention, but for pregnancy prevention.

Well last week I started to feel a constant urethral discomfort. For the first week, there wasn't any burning with urination. However, the past day or two, there has been some mild burning during urination. Also, the mild irritation, discomfort in my urethra persists. In the first 5 or 6 days, there seemed to be the feeling if not getting all of the fluid out of my penis after urination. It seems to be a bit better then it was 5 or 6 days ago, but the there is still some irritation there. There hasn't been any discharge that I've noticed, no sores, blisters, no redness in the urethral opening.

I am now very worried I might have infected my partner with something like chlamydia or Gonnorhea. I understand that most chlamydia/gon infections clear up on their own in men within a few months. However, now I'm scared taht I gave it to her, she'll think I've been unfaithful, which isn't the case. I also know she has not been unfaithful, we have an amazing relationship. Assuming she hasn't been unfaithful. About a week before my symptoms, we had unprotected sex. This makes me think I somehow contracted some sort of non-chlamydial NGU from her? Is that possible? Also, she performs unprotected oral sex on me at least 2-3 times a week just in case that might have anything to do with it.
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Welcome to the Forum. this is not something to beat yourself up over but something for you to address and take care of.  You had sex with other partners before you entered your current relationship, not an uncommon state of affairs.  Unfortunately, that means that you might have had an asymptomatic infection which you carried into the relationship and only recently have become symptomatic.  Actually, given the timeline you provide I find that unlikely (as I will explain below) and, no matter what, the right thing for you to do is to explain that you have not had sex with another person since you entered this relationship and that you are confident that she has ot either (at least that's the way your note sounds) but that of late you have had noted the symptoms you just described to us and are going to get check out.   Honesty is always the best policy and your GF should understand that this is important, both for her and for you.

Having said this, I think you should then go and get checked out. Your history really does not sound high risk for STD.  There are other, non-STD causes of urethritis as well. I would advise you to go to a knowledgeable clinician who will not just treat you (too many people want to treat without really knowing what is  happening) but will evaluate what is causing them.  The evaluation should include tests for gonorrhea, chlamydia and non-gonococcal urethritis (NGU).  Symptoms of the sort you describe can also occasionally be due to things such as kidney stones, non-STD urinary tract infections,  non-STD viral infections and prostatitis, among other non-STD causes.  With a good exam you can both rule out (or in) STD and get care for this problem.

I hope this comment is helpful to you.  EWH
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