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Symptoms: sore throat, white film on tongue, tonsil stones

Tested Negative for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea a week after having unprotected sex with my ex. I was prompted to get tested after feeling slight irritation during urination...but since i tested negative, I though nothing of it. However, I'm currently suffering from a persistent sore throat, which seems to get worse after performing oral on my current girlfriend. This has been going on for atleast a month in a half. At first i thought it was irritation from me smoking, but I think I may have given her something that in turn keeps re-infecting me when performing oral sex.

I have no physical bumps or lesions on or around my genitals, and no discharge and nether does my girlfriend. But I still feel irritation, sometimes though very mild when urinating. And my throats is sore as we speak. Also after having unprotected sex with my ex (same time as mentioned above) a week or two later.... i caught a really bad sinus cold, which resulted in one of my eyes swelling up. Could this be symptoms of herpes/oral herpes...or some form of bacteria. I should also add that I can scrap a white-yellowish film of my tongue, and have had tonsil stones.

1.) With these symptoms what diseases could i have possibly contracted
2.) Is getting tested 5 days after exposure too soon? Could this give me a false negative test result?
3.) When i got tested my doctor mentioned other forms of bacteria i could have caught in a hot tub during vacationing.  Is this possible?
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I have nothing to add to my original reply. 1) Tests for gonorrhea and chlamyhdia are valid within 2-3 days of infection.  There is no good test for trichomonas in men, but trich is not a possible explanation for your symptoms. 2) Yeast doesn't cause symptoms like your current ones.  3) Neither does herpes.
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I'm taking your advice and I'm going to get re-tested, but I have to wait to my insurance kicks in after first of this year. However, I just wanted to reiterate some of my symptoms in a timeline, just to make sure i didn't leave anything out.

Sunday, August 3 2008
- Had unprotected sex with someone I believe may have infected me with something
- Had unprotected sex with my girlfriend later that night

Between  August 3, 2008 - till now
- Feeling sporadic sharp pains in penis and rectum
- very  VERY mild burning during urination, maybe 3 times..stops immediately after urine begins t o flow out of penis

Thursday, August 7, 2008
- Tested for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Trich (Swab and Urine samples)
- Received antibiotics in the form of 7 pills

Thursday, August 11, 2008
- Received Negative Test Result for all 3 Test
- Began taking Antibiotics

Between Late August - Mid September 3, 2008
- Had a very bad cold and sinus infection, resulting in my eye swelling up.
Infection lasted for several weeks Which I complicated by smoking cigarettes

Between August 11, 2008 - Mid October 2008
- Discovered every time I give oral to my girlfriend, the next day I have a sever sore throat which lasts for about a week. During the week sometimes I would get white patches in the back of my throat. This went on for quite some time before I discovered that the oral sex was causing the sore throat

Waiting to be retested
No discharge or bumps or lesions on genitals

I believe i contracted something that infected my girlfriend which in turn keep re-infecting me, including my throat and genitals.


1.) I tested 4 days after unprotected encounter, was this too soon for: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Trich?

2.) My girlfriend believed she had a yeast infection and took some over the counter medicine, and hasn't seen any symptoms since. This was in late September. Could my symptoms be from a yeast infection?

Especially since i have the recurring sore throat after oral sex.

3.) Does Herpes align with any of my symptoms?

I's been 4 1/2 months and I have not hand any breakouts of any sort
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Yeast infection might explain such symptoms, but it is unlikely.   You don't say whether you followed my advice to go back to your doctor to discuss your continuing symptoms.  That's the thing to do.  In any case, take heart that you have no recognized STD; I don't believe you have anything that will ever harm you or a sex partner, and I doubt you "will always feel this pain".
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Could a yeast infection/Vaginitis from my girlfriend cause a sore throat, after oral, and cause me to feel burning in my ureatha. Like i said before, and after reviewing my test results...Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and Trichomoniasis all came up negative. But every time i performed oral on my girlfriend for about a month, i end u with a sore throat. I've since stopped. But i've ruled it down to that. Plus i still feel pain in my ureatha.

Also I've had chlamydia before, and the symptoms i feel are similar. Could it have doen damage to me, to the point that i will always feel this pain.
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I don't see any serious health concern here; I believe you are overreacting.  To the specific questions:

1) Your symptoms don't suggest any STD.  They are most compatible with a garden variety respiratory infection, an emotional/anxiety reaction, or some combination of the two.

2) You could be tested for STDs, but I doubt anything will be found -- and if any test is abnormal, it won't explain the symptoms you describe.  At 5 days, you can be reliably tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia, but that's about all.  Testing for syphilis or HIV has to wait until 4-6 weeks.  But these also are not even remotely suggested by your symptoms.

3) Your symptoms don't suggest any sort of bacterial infection or something acquried in a hot tub.  My guess is that you were pressing your doctor for some sort of explanation, and you probably suggested the hot tub yourself.  (Hard to imagine s/he would have come up with that idea out of the blue.)

Have you spoken with your ex about this?  And about whether she thinks she has an STD?  Most likely you just have a cold, which you might or might not have caught from her.  

If your symptoms continue or you otherwise remain concerned, return to your doctor and lay out your concerns.  My bet is that s/he will similarly reassure you about STD.  Really, I see no cause for any alarm based on your symptoms.

Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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