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Syphillis Question
Hi Doctor ..

2 years ago, i was having a fun summer in Toronto, and had a few encounters with "professionals", all safe, but I did perform cunnilingus ..

this happened two years ago .. during the summer back then, i noticed on my face, an inch under my lip, an inflamed area that had a crust develop on it .. i scratched it and removed the crust .. only to develop more and the inflamed area increasing in size ..

the more i used to disturp it and scratch the crust away, it would ooze and discharge, it felt wet most of the time.. pharmacist gave me some cream, that didnt help much

after a week or a two every thing went to normal .. my question is .. could this have been a primary syphilis ulcer?

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Welcome back to the Forum.  The lesion you describe is not suggestive of syphilis. Although I would not try to diagnose what was present after the fact and over the internet, what you describe may have been a benign skin infection called impetigo.  Syphilis lesions do not crust in the manner you describe, they are typically clean based.

If you are still worried about syphilis two years after the fact, I suggest you get tested.  The result will be negative.  Then it is your job to believe the result.
I hope my comment helps.  EWH  
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