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Tested at 3 months want to donate and thank you Dr. HHH

Hey! if you remember i was here like 2 months ago and since then i have been reading your response and the question have been posted by other people..doc you have been very help full with all the information. i really appreciated your work. i have an exposure on nov 12th 2005, with a girl ( i am male) it was unprotected for about a minute or less..never ejaculated..since then i had my left tonsil swell and earache, and about thrush..only doctor can tell you if that is thrush..so basically i thought i had all the symptoms..my muscle were moving by itself(twitching), running nose after few days..pain in the leg, my thumb on left leg muscle twitchis, i did not feel like doing anything..i failed my classes..i mean everything was going wrong for me.and i was convinced that i am HIV positive.now the earache has gone tonsil swallen lasted for only a week..so since i was scared i got tested on 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and today(93 days) after the exposure all came out negative, i made the girl get tested she came out negative (around 6th week after the exposure and i offended her..(she is mad now) and...SYMPTOMS DOES NOT EQUAL DISEASE...the only way you can know for sure is to get tested...and believe me anxiety plays with our head and body very well..so everyone out there, who think they have had possible exposure get tested...take care everyone and i hope everyone learn soemthing from this ..i certainly have...that life is precious...for 5 minute pleasure...dont ruined...and always carry condom with you...like you carry your driver lisence with you..thanks and good luck

But i have on question doc HHH

test after 93 days...came out negative..is it definitive...i am pretty sure it is.and the lady who tested me she told me that is definitive and she has been testing ppl for 20 years now.but can i have your inside on it thanks again for the great work you are doing greatly appreciated...and i hope u dont delete this thread...mostly i wanted to donate and thank you for you work..but if you think you have to delete it ..thn i understand...and could you tell me another way that i can donate to this site..so i dont have to post more question...just simply donate..
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Thanks for the thanks.  I can understand why your partner was angry with you - as do you (now, if not then).  And thanks for the donation.  However, I would prefer you donate to MedHelp International, not to the STD Forum per se; see the link on the home page.  (I'll ask the web manager to credit you for this one.)

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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Congrats on the negative test results , and yes its definitive for sure.
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On the very front page of Med Help there is a link for "MAKE A DONATION".

midway down the page, in red.  You can also hit the CONTACT button at the top of the page.
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