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Testicle pain

25 days ago I recieved oral until completion from an escort. I got paranoid with feeling things on my penis and went to the doc's 3days and 5 hours later. Got a g and c pee test and put on doxy 100mg bid for 10 days. Came back 2 days later and got a syph and hiv test too. All tests are negative and I finished the doxy. Had some irritation at the pee hole but think that was from me opening it and checking for discharge 5 times a day. That got alot better. Anyways things are going good and i'm feeling back to normal for a few days.On day 23 post exposure I go on a long run. About 3miles longer than mylongest. Wellt hat nite, about 10 hours post run, I reach into my pants to scratch and snag my lefty and scrotum and do a downward tug. It HURT. I found theonly way to make the pain again was to pull down an the left. so i thought no big deal I just did that to myself. It aches all the next day about a 1/10. And today it still a 1/10. No discharge, sores, pain w/pee, swelling, fever, or swollen lymphnodes. Just this ache. Could this be STD related or is it from the trauma and self testing, running? oh and no problems w/ erection/ masturbation.
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Welcome to the Forum.  The odds are very much against your discomfort being due to your receipt of oral sex over 3 weeks ago and much, much more likely to be due to the trauma associated with your recent exertion plus, possibly self examination.

Your risk of STD was low from oral sex, your tests showed no STD (and they would be accurate 3 days following exposure) and even if you had an STD, the 10 days of doxycycline would have cured things (10 days of doxy is recommended therapy for epididymitis).

In contrast you have a good alternate explanation for your discomfort.  I predict the ache will go away on its own over the next few days.  It is not due to STD.  Take care.  EWH
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Thank you first. I am still having some pain. Maybe a little worse. Had ultrasound and it's clearl. No signs of infection still. What should I do? If I get treated for epydidimitis what should I take? Shouldn't some other symptoms show up if it's an infection? I am a little worried. My doc said he couldn't treat me with out more to go on.
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I agree with your doctor. To treat you without more to go on woul not be in your best interest.  As you point out, if this is an infection you should have other signs and/or positive lab tests.  While I suspect that if you shop aroun you can fin someone who will give you antibiotics, it really is not in your best interest without knowing what is causing your discomfort.  Sometimes this takes repeated evaluation.

Kidney stones can cause discomfort of this sort.  EWH

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