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Hey Doc HHH,

I just a few questions on testing.

1) What is the minimal timeframe to get tested for Syphilis?  
I tested negative at 7 weeks, should I have tested again at another timeframe?

2) HIV 2 testing. If the modern Elisa Test for HIV 1 can pick up HIV2? Why do they still offer a separate test? or do they?

3)Is there anything I can catch deep kissing someone (other then herpes)? This person was an escort, so I truly don't know where her mouth has been. Since then, I get these canker sores in my mouth sometimes. They come and go and last about 7 to 8 days.  

I tested negative at 7 days for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia; @ 7 weeks, I tested neg for Syphilis and I also tested neg at 6 months for Heb B, C, HIV1, and HSV 1, 2 (Herpe Select). Did I (or my doctor) miss anything?

Thanks for your time and Happy Thanksgiving.
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Seven weeks is plenty of time for a syphilis test to become positive.  The standard HIV tests in use in the US are for HIV-1 only.  Some labs test routinely for HIV-2 but most do not.  (Among public health department labs in the US, about half routinely test for both viruses and the other half test only for HIV-1.  Similar data are not available for commercial labs.)  Because of the special considerations in blood and organ donation (high medicolegal liability risks, etc), blood and organ donors are routinely tested for HIV-2.  HIV-2 is vanishingly rare in this country.

Deep kissing is a great way to transmit garden-variety cold viruses, of course.  The main other infection of significance is Epstein Barr virus (EBV), the cause of infectious mononucleosis. Mono is classically known as the "kissing disease" and recent research confirms that most cases indeed are acquired by kissing.

The cause(s) of canker sores aren't known, but no recognized infection is responsible.  I can't think of any other STD to test you for; you had a very complete panel of tests.

Thanks for the thanks.  Happy TG to you too--   HHH, MD
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Hey Dr HHH,

Thanks for your quick and reassuring response. My experience was in Venezuela. Does this make a difference for HIV2 testing? I read somewhere that PCRDNA would pick up both, is that true?

Should I go have a cocktail and relax? Ha!!

Thanks again!
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I believe HIV-2 is uncommon in S. America as wellas N. America; largely limited to parts of Africa.  But I'm not certain.

AT 7+ weeks after exposure, there is no such thing as positive PCR but negative antibody test.  PCR testing would be a waste of money.

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