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Tingling feeling and possible STD symptoms 11 months after intercourse

January 1, 2010, I had protected anal intercourse with a girl i didn't know and while having intercourse the condom broke.  I didn't know it broke so i probably had intercourse for 5-10 minutes and immediately washed my penis.  I didn't experience any HIV or STD symptoms.  I had a skin irritation below my belly button that eventually went away after applying Lotrimin.  First week February I started to date my girlfriend and we got tested.  She tested for everything (negative results) and I only tested for HIV at same day results clinic (negative results).  I never experienced any STD symptoms.  Last week I felt a tingling feeling on my pubic hairs and I cut them off.  The tingling feeling is mild around my scrotum and on my buttocks and thighs.  I also have two painless blemishes on my penis.  I don’t have any pain during urination, no other pee colors, no sores, no lower back pain, no headaches, no pimples, no blisters, no painful intercourse, no rashes, no warts (not sure if blemishes are warts, look nothing similar to pics online) no itching.  What has me worried are the blemishes on my penis.  One resembles a flat scab and the other is small spot.  I have been having a constant tingle in my genital area.  When sitting down, I experience a tingle I can re-adjust my penis and it stops but the tingle can persist on the side of my thigh, buttocks or scrotum and seldom on my penis. I experience no tingle walking, working out or during sports.  My scrotum had felt tender for a few days but I had worked out and had soreness from working out in thighs but discomfort has decreased, as my body has recovered from workouts.  I had sex with the unknown girl Jan 1 and it is November.  Is it possible to start experiencing STD symptoms 11 months later?  If i had an HIV test wouldn't that have detected an STD?  Could the blemishes on my penis be genital warts?  Could I have Herpes? Are STD's dormant like HIV?  If i don't have an STD how can i stop this tingling feeling?
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Welcome to the forum.

No STDs cause the sorts of symptoms you describe, and there are no STDs that lie dormant to the point they cannot be detected with the standard tests, and no STD can start to cause symptoms this long after exposure.

Tingling or itching in the pubic area make me think of pubic lice ("crabs") -- which sometimes can be very hard to see.  Genital area "tingling", soreness, etc. often result from genitally focused anxiety, so that might be another possibility.  Or perhaps you have some sort of mild dermatitis that would be recognized by a health professional, even if your skin looks normal to you.  If the penile "blemishes" definitely are new, they should be examined; it could be some sort of minor dermatitis or conceivably "flat" warts.

An HIV test is only for HIV -- it says nothing about other STDs.  However, there is nothing in your symptoms or your exposure history that suggest any other STD blood tests are necessary.

At this point, you should stop trying to figure this out on line or in forums like this.  Visit a doctor or clinic and get examined.  Most likely you will find you have no STD and that this has nothing to do with your sexual encounter last January.  If you would like to return to this thread to report what is found, I will be happy to comment further.  But until then there isn't much more I can say.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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Dr. Handsfield thank you for the info!  I actually took a benadryl and the tingling has stopped but i will see a health professional and report what i found.  Thank you for everything!
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