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Tiny Bumps STD?

Hello, About 2 weeks ago I noticed 2 tiny pin head sized, hard bumps on my penis and near the head (under the foreskin).  They do not hurt or itch.  Recently I began noticing more tiny hard bumps in the pubic hair region (below my belly button but above the penis) and a tiny cluster at the base of my penis(each individual bump is extremely tiny).  They are generally skin colored with a white tip and when scratched(removed), my skin bleeds (a lot of bleeding for the bumps
in the pubic hair area).  These tiny bumps are very hard to see when erect but the one's near the base of the penis are more visible.  I have had warts on my hand and looked at HPV pictures and these bumps do not look like the pictures.  The largest of my "bumps" generally look and
feel like tiny zits.
I'm worried that this may be an STD and that more bumps will appear.  What
do you think?

Thank You
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I'm not sure what "tiny" means (less than a millimeter?).  Probably sebaceous cysts, i.e. normal anatomic variant.

Another possibility may be molluscum contagiosum; the locations you describe and brisk bleeding when the lesions are removed are typical for that condition.  Molluscum is an STD (but a trivial one); the possibility would rise if the lesions are shiny and pink and if some spots have a dimple in the middle.

If the spots persist and especially if they grow, see a health care provider and get it checked out.

Good luck--   HHH, MD
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