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Understand HSV result, does it relate to HIV

Doctor I’m really struggling to get over my fear. This is mainly due to the amount of strange symptoms that are happening to me and still continue.

I have HIV 1&2 Ab/Ag Architect Combo at 11, 15 and 18 weeks are all negative.
I would like to take your opinion on my HSV results and if it mean something to you. My IgM titer was higher 6 weeks after the exposure and then declined and IgG started to go up. Yet all are within the negative range. i didn't have any out break in the last 5 months.
Below please find my results knowing that the positive range start from (11 EU/ml) in the lab where I did the tests:

-6 weeks after exposure, HSV1 IgM (5.1 EU/ml), IgG (0.7 EU/ml). HSV2 IgM (3.2 EU/ml), IgG (0.9 EU/ml). Herpeselect 2 IgG (1.9 u/ml).

-8 weeks, HSV1 IgM (2.6 EU/ml) down from (5.1 EU/ml). HSV2 IgM (2.1 EU/ml) down from HSV2 IgM (3.2 EU/ml). Herpeselect 2 IgG (2.9 u/ml) up from (1.9 u/ml).

-12 weeks HSV1 IgG (2.2 EU/ml) this is up from (0.7 EU/ml) at 6 week. Herpeselect 2 IgG (3.2 u/ml) which is also increasing.

1) Does the above test result indicate possible recent infection of HSV1 or 2?
2) If not is it indication of reaction to other viral infection?
3) could it HIV although my test was negative?
4) What it could be if not HSV or HIV.

Doctor I really appreciate your help in answering  my doubt as I just want to understand what’s going on and I value your experience which will help me to understand and not bother you.
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Why do you keep asking about HIV. This question has been answered for you many times.  YOU DID NOT GET HIV FROM THE EXPOSURE YOU DESCRIBED.  YOUR TESTS PROVE IT.  Stop asking this question again and again!!!

I believe you have your decimal points wrong, as well as the spelling of the test.  For HerpeSelect the values from the manufacturer are listed below however multiple studes show that many values of less than 3.0 are actually falsely positve.:
below 0.9      is negative
0.9-1.09        is equivocal
above 1.09 is positive

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The range didn't apear above please find it below:

below 9      is negative
9-10.9        is equivocal
above 10.9 is positive
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Doctor in the lab they have this range for herpez select:

10.9     positive

according to the lab range my result at 12 weeks fall in the negative range but your comments is that 3 u/ml is positive can you please clarify this to me.

is there any chance that HSV recent infection delay the detection of HIV?
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I'll try to help you with the HSV test results you mention.  I have nothing to add to what Dr. Handsfield has already told you about HIV- there is no evidence that you have it and you should look for other causes of your symptoms.

A small proportion of person get HSV-2 without local symptoms but it is uncommon and your symptoms are not suggestive of HSV.  Testing with IgM tests is something that no expert recommends on a regular basis as the tests are unreliable, rarely of any use, and are plagued with false positive test results.

In addition to the IgM tests, which I am going to ignore, you were tested with two different tests for HSV IgG.  I am familiar with the HerpeSelect and know the test well having used it in my own research.  I am not familiar with the other test and cannot comment on the values you report for this test.

Your HerpeSelect values for HSV-2 were weakly positive at 6 weeks but have increased to a level where it is likely that this does reflect a recently acquired HSV-2 infection.  Values for HSV-2 above 3.0 in the HerpeSelect are very, very rarely falsely positive.  If you wish to confirm that his is HSV-2 that you have acquired, the optimal test for this purpose is to have your blood sent to the University of Washington in Seattle for a HSV Western Blot test.  Globally this is the "gold standard" for detection of HSV antibodies.  EWH
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Just to clarify my symptoms were weight loss, skin problems (no out break or cold sores), some night sweat, lymph nodes, weight tongue  but luckily no favor.
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