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Urethtra symptoms - STD concerns

Hello Doctor,

A little over two weeks ago, I had an encounter with a prostitute. We had protected vaginal sex, protected fellatio and I performed unprotected cunnilingus. Towards the end of the encounter, she removed the condom and masturbated me to completion. She was using some type of lubrication jelly for both intercourse and the handjob, and I assume it contained spermicide.

Exactly 2 days after the encounter, I had some discomfort on the tip of the urethra, inside the penis. The discomfort felt more like a mild itching, no pain. No discharge or pain when urinating, though my urine would come out spraying at the start if urination, then would conitnue to stream normally. I went to see my doctor, who said that it would be surprising if I caught anything from the exposure I had. He did screen me via a urine test for what he called GCN (Ghonnorhea, Chlamydia, NGU). The urine came out clean, with no signs of anything. He suspected the jelly she used may have contained nonoxynol, which apparently can cause irritation and some inflammation of the urethra. He said to give it time, and it would pass, and it has gotten better. I have had no other "symptoms" per se since the encounter save for a bad case of postnasal drip which started about two weeks after the enocunter. However, I was traveling at the time, and as airplanes tend to be breeding grounds for germs and viruses, I am assuming I caught something. No other symptoms, no fever, cough or anything else.

My doctor is an excellent doctor, and I trust him. Still, I'm a little concerned as this is the first time this happens to me, and would appreciate a second opinion. Understanding that you cannot possibly know what I have without really seeing me in person, I would be interested however in your opinion on the following:

1- Could spermicidal jelly cause the symptoms I have (urethral symptoms, that is)? I have used comdoms with spermicide before, this has never happened, so just curious.

2- Do you think any STD could be transmitted via masturbation, especially since it happened filling vaginal intercourse, and there may have been some "residual" vaginal fluid lying around?

3- I understand cunnilingus carries almost no risk of HIV or HEP B, and it's even lower in the case of handjobs. Do you recommend testing at all?

4- Is postnasal drip a possible symptom of HIV or any other STD?

Thanks very much in advance for your advice and help.
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As you already seem to know, the STD risk from the exposure you describe was close to zero--i.e., your own doctor was entirely right.

1) Yes, spermicidal compounds (especially nonoxynol-9) can cause urethral irritation with painful urination.

2) No STD ever is transmitted by hand-to-genital contact.

3) Cunnilingus is zero risk excpet for the slim possibility of oral exposure to HSV-2, the cause of genital herpes.  Even that almost never causes problems.  Your partner was at more risk from you than you were from her.

4) No, postnasal drip is not a symptom of any STD.

Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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or the ear ache...is it symptom of HIV (ARS)..like water in ur ear..? if you could answer doc HHH
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thank you Doc HHH...i mean getting online and replying to us..everytime we ask question...that means a lot..your work is greatly appreciated.....thank you very much...take care everyone
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