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Venereal Warts...

So about two years ago I started seeing warts, or skin tags on my anus. I finally had them checked out and removed. They were tested and came back as Venereal Warts. I was prescribed Valdera to keep them away and to stop the infection from worsening. In May of this year I lost my job and insurance so I stopped using the medication regularly. The skin tags have come back.  I have had skin tags before appear on my face and have been removed, they came from the irritation of shaving and tanning but were benign. I think this is what the re-appearing skin tags on my anus have come from since I do shave the area and they look completely different from the Venereal Warts.

Also, I have started noticing small white bumps on the inside, crease, of my lips. I am scared and worried that either the infection as spread or, worse, I could have herpes!

Could you offer me any assitance with this? Is what I have indeed herpes? Can the infection spread from my anus to my mouth or to other areas of my body? Do you know of any over the counter medication I can purchase for this?!? Also, maybe this is a silly question but is Venereal Warts the same thing as Venereal Disease or is it totally different?

Please help!
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Welcome to the STD forum.

When a health professional diagnoses warts, usually s/he is correct; and you would not have been prescribed Aldara (which is what I think you mean by "Valdera") for anything else.  Therefore, if your anal "skin tags" look and feel like what you had before, then most likely your anal warts have recurred.  This is very common, especially in women and gay men, but also not rare in exclusively heterosexual men.  (You do not say your sex or the sex of your partners -- although with the tanning and shaving my guess is you're female.)  Genital and anal warts are sexually transmitted, i.e. it is an STD.  The term "venereal disease" isn't used much these days, but STD and venereal disease mean the same thing.

Many treatments, including imiquimod (Aldara), suppresses warts only temporarily -- so recurrence is common.  It doesn't mean anything special about your immune system or anything else.  However, you clearly need to see a health professional to confirm the diagnosis and probably get additional treatment.  Assuming you are in the US, you can visit a local health department STD clinic, or perhaps a community clinic, for expert care at little or no cost.  A Planned Parenthood clinic would also be a good bet.  Look in the phone book; or phone your local or state health department to learn about clinics in your area.

Finally, genital and anal warts rarely are transmitted to the mouth.  And herpes symptoms aren't anything like you describe.  Probably you have warts and nothing else, and the white spots in your mouth are something else entirely -- maybe not abnormal at all.  When you visit a clinic for your anal warts, tell them about your other symptoms and ask the same questions.  Most likely you will find there is no other STD problem.

I hope this helps.  Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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I returned to the dermatologist, she verified that the anal warts have recurred. She then refilled my prescription for Aldara, which I know works when applied properly. However, I have no insurance and the medication for one month is 560.00 which is worth it for two months if it kills the warts forever and the virus causing them.

I found, online, a medication called Wartrol which is supposed to attack the virus and show results within 48 hours and is significantly cheaper. Could you please check out this link and let me know what you would advise me to do? Money is an issue but I will do what I have to do so just please give me your educated advice based on the product.


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Aldara is about 70% effective.  In other words, in one third of patients, warts persist or recur. Be sure you follow the treatment advice exactly.  If the warts don't clear up, or if they return again, you should discuss alternative treatments with the dermatologist.  Or discuss it with him or her now, since you can't afford Aldara.  There are other equally effective treatments that cost much less.  Alternatively, your local health department STD clinic might treat you for free, perhaps with podophyllin or freezing with liquid nitrogen.  However, those treatments are not self-applied and require repeated visits to the clinc.

Do not use "Wartrol" or any other over-the-counter treatment.
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