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Very Concern possible chlamydia infection

Had protected sexual encounter, with vaginal penetration after a long period of abstinence.  Before my partner put a condom, his penis touched my vulva area briefly. The condom almost got off his penis has he took it out of my vagina in order to change position, but he put another one and we pursued the sexual activity.

Soon after i had my periods and felt like urinating more with burning sensations, not at the passing of urine, but before. Urinating was more of a relieve, no pain while urinating. My period were painful, and longer than usual and use of a Tampax applicator was a source of discomfort ( burning ).  

Periods are over. the discomfort is still there, i urinate a lot, same symptoms and it takes time before I actually urinate.  Urine smells and very yellow. No itching, little redness of the vulva region and occasional mild burn discomfort.  Virtually no discharge,2 times white cottage cheese after using a calendula cream to ease burning discomfort. No smell from vagina. Pain in lower back. Occasional mild pain in ovaries/uterus area  and mild pain in the lower abdomen.    Thought I have some urinary tract infection and maybe vaginitis . But one of my friend told me I might have chlamydia or another std !

I am worried about my health.  And my other worry is that, while having the  symptoms described earlier and that I was not aware of a possible std infection, I had another protected sexual encounter with penetration with a different man . He touched my vagina with his hand, very briefly started to do cunnilingus but I stopped him right away because I was uneasy about the probable fact that I had a vaginitis. Could he be sick because of that ? I also touched his protected penis  and my vagina. I am afraid I might have contaminated him with my secretions !   I read about chlamydia, seem to match some symptoms. I saw it can contaminate eyes also.  I was caressing his eyebrows, I am worried that he might catch some bacteria via his eye mucosa.  
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Welcome to our Forum. I'll try to help.  The short answer is that it would be a good idea for you to get checked out and evaluated by a knowledgeable clinician who can check you for that wide variety of types of vaginalis that can occur, as well as for cervical infection.  My guess is that you have none of these but getting check is the best idea.

The encounters that you describe were condom protected and as such are unlikely to put you at risk for chlamydia or other STDs. Even when condoms begin to pull off such as may occur when a partner is removing himself from your vagina, as long as the condom is covering the tip of the penis it should be protective.  

There are many different things that could cause this sort or irritation.  Among the infectious causes, bacterial vaginosis (BV) is by far the most common and occurs when the normal bacteria present in a woman's vagina become unbalanced.   BV is not an STD.  Similar problems could be due to other sorts of infections, general irritation following sex, particularly after a long period of abstinence, or hormonal changes effecting the vaginal lining.  While such symptoms could be due to chlamydia, most chlamydial infections are actually asymptomatic and, as I suggested above, other processes are more likely to be causing your symptoms.  The best way to determine what is causing this is to have a complete and thorough examination and possibly testing or specimens taken from your vaginal during the exam.  

As far as your other concerns, it is not at all likely that your partner might get sick from performing cunnilingus on you, from touching his penis after you have touched your vagina.

I hope these comments are helpful. The results of a vaginal examination should help you to sort out these problems and provide the information needed to address them.  Chlamydia is unlikely.  EWH
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Thank you very much, your answer has decreased my level of stress.  I will go an get an evaluation by a clinician.  
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Glad to help.  Take care.  EWH
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