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Very small rash on penis

Dear Doc,

I have a very small rash on my penis.  It's a small line, about than a centimeter long and maybe 2/5 of a centimeter wide.  It's located on the anterior side on the loose skin below the glans.  The rash only becomes apparent after some time of vigorous intercourse (wearing a condom) because it causes a very mild burning sensation that disappears quickly after intercourse is over.  The rash require close inspection to see.  There are no blisters.  The affected area is a bit redder than the surrounding skin and sensitive to touch after intercourse.  The affected area is slightly drier and "harder" than the surrounding skin (although I wouldn't quite call it "crust" but there may be a very slight hairline ulcer there).  There are zero symptoms and it's invisible if without intercourse.

Usually I'm quite careful.  However, I've had unprotected sex several times in the past few months with 2 women.  Hence the concern -- perhaps paranoia -- now.  

For many years I've had similar symptoms in the same area occasionally after vigorous masturbation in the shower using soap as a lubricating medium.  I always figured it was because the, ahem, vigorous action and the soap irritated the sensitive skin.  

Seems these symptoms *could* be consistent with Herpes.  Thoughts?  

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Welcome to our Forum.  The rash you describe is not suggestive of herpes.  A herpes rash should have small blisters or ulcerations and typically would be uncomfortable.  The "rash" you describe sounds much more like an area of skin which has been repeatedly traumatized, whether by sex or following intercourse.  Sometimes people develop areas like this that can be irritated and become apparent following minor trauma.  That it resolves soon after intercourse also both makes it unlikely that it is herpes and makes it only a minor concern.  The fact that the "crust" forms suggests that the top layer of skin is abraded away with the friction of intercourse or masterbation.  Fianlly, in some instances a fungal skin infection mazy make this sort of thing more likely to occur there repeatedly.  You may wish to discuss this with your doctor or a dermatologist.  STD however is not a concern.

Take care.  EWH
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Great, thanks Doc!!
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