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WOW, where do I begin.

Hello and thanks for taking the time to talk to me.  I am a 24 year old man who is in a world of agony.  I recently self diagnosed myself as being HIV positive...I know this is bad.  My symptoms were two small sores on the top of the base of my penis which disappeared after two days, and a wart at the base of my penis.  Also in May of this year I was dealing with very painful ribs and a bad cough, I was perscribed Ketek and the infection or what ever it was disappeared.  I tested negative for HIV in the summer of 2003, I was recently given a blood test during my routine physical and the doctor said it looked great, no infections.  
Why then do I have these strange things going on in my mouth after I was diagnosed with acid reflux.  The doctor put me on Nexium and they went away... what gives?
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You cannot reliably diagnose yourself with HIV; and assuming your recent blood work included an HIV test, you can be 100% certain you do not have HIV.  Many other things can cause the symptoms you describe, but no STDs do so.  You had symptoms that your doctor thought were due to acid reflux and the symptoms went away with treatment for that disorder.  Why do you suspect any other cause?  Follow up with your own doctor if you have further questions, but put HIV and other STDs out of your mind.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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what was your exposure?
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Dude, from the symptoms you describe, you dont have HIV.  You mention a genital sore, what do you classify as a sore?  Being the fact it disappeared in 3 days gives me the idea it wasn
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Thanks for the advice it will be gladly heeded.
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HIV tests that I now know to be true will turn positive wihthin 6 weeks post-exposure. You don't give an exposure at all, and only talk of a negative test in 2003...

However, the symptoms you describe aren't even remotely consistent with HIV, much less ARS.

I self-diagnosed myself, and this Forum Doctor (H.H.H.), whom I now consider an expert told me all along I wasn't infected. I still didn't believe him.

It took me 4 months and 5 negative (hiv) tests to finally  be convinced that I was okay. Again, you list no recent exposure(risks), but the symptoms you describe are definitely not STD/HIV related.
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Thanks for your help.  My problems arise from a few things:  I have these places on my tongue mainly the right side that go bald, its weird then I will wake up one day and they are back to normal.  Sometimes my mouth burns, badly, if I combine that with the spots, you got it thrush, what does thrush usually mean aids.  When I was taking the Nexium all of these things were non existant.  My uncle is a doctor, he told me that if my blood test from my doctor came back that I was not fighting infection then suppressed immune system was not my problem, is this true? He also mentioned that a negative test in 2003 is way too early of a timeline for someone to show symptoms as advanced as Thrush, he said that the cause of my oral problems more than likely stems from the fact that I am regurgitating acid into my mouth without knowing it, many times in my sleep, he also noted that if I awake with a severely dry mouth in the morning this could also be contributing because it is damaging the normal environment of the mouth, again is this true?  Thanks for the help again guys.  
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I found your post very interesting becuase I had that exact same 2 pimples plus 1 sore scenario.  Then I also got thursh/geo tounge, and yes I thought for sure I caught the big one.  But after 4 neg tests and talking to the girl I was fianlly reassured.  But I still have very strange symptoms clearly visible not in my head and am still 95 percent sure it was after a single exposure, everything else doctors suggest sound ridiculous and wayyy to coincedental.  I find your acid reflux diagnosis intertesting I'm gonna have to research that and see if it explains my symptoms.  Personally I find it intersting that so many people seem to get tounge symptoms after a feared exposure don't you?  I never even knew heard of thrush before and now soo many people on these sites get weird symptoms, test negative for everything and oh it's all a coincidence.  I wonder if there is some other virus/bacteria that is yet to be identified.  Or maybe we're all just stressed.
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