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Wart (HPV) on Lip?

I recently found a small bump on the shaft of my penis and went to the doctor and he diagnosed it as a genital wart and froze it off.  I also pointed out that I had a bump on my lip to him and he looked at it and said he could freeze that off too but didn't necessarily say it was a wart or anything.  I thought it might just be a cold sore or something and decided against trying to freeze it immediately.  I bought some cold sore treatment and used it for awhile and two weeks later the bump on my lip is still there and hasn't changed in size or shape.  I applied some apple cider vinegar to it yesterday for about twenty minutes and it really brought the bump out and it turned whiteish so I assume it is a wart.  It is fairly decent size on the outside of my lip just above where the skin meets the lip in between the middle of my lip and the corner of my mouth.

Prior to noticing the bump on my penis and going to the Dr. I was intimate with a woman a few days before.  I am sure the wart was probably there and I didn't notice it until after.  The bump on my lip was definitely not there when I was with the woman.  It appeared a few days after.  I am wondering if I could have transferred it to my lip during that encounter.  I have read a lot and apparently warts on lips are very rare or don't occur too often.  This is raised a little and smooth on the outside so far.  

My question is could this be a wart?  

Is it best to have it frozen off?  I have an appt tomorrow to have that done.  

Is freezing it off the best method for removal of a wart on the lip?  

Are they any more prone to coming back or spreading than GW anywhere else on the body?

Lastly, how likely is it that they can spread inside the mouth if I have one on my lip?

Could it be anything else besides a wart?

I just wanted to make sure I got a second opinion prior to going in to have it frozen off.  
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Sometimes we doctors do not do as good a job of communicating with our patients as we should and, conversely, sometimes patients don't do such a good job of asking their doctors.  Freezing would probably make whatever is on your lip go away because freezing destroys most things involving the skin and once destroyed, normal skin tends to grow back.  Although I have not had the opportunity to examine you, I doubt that the bump on your lip is a wart.  Warts do not appear suddenly, they gradually appear.  I suspect this is some other sort of dermatological process (your partner did not take a "nip" at your lip, did she)..  As for your specific questions:

1.  I doubt that it is a wart.
2.  I suspect freezing will remove it but ask the doctor what he/she thinks it is.  I doubt that it is related to your genital wart.
3.  Freezing is an excellent treatment for a lip lesions.
4.  No, no more likely to recur.
5.  Little chance of spread.

Hope these answers are helpful to you.  EWH
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