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What could it be?

Over a year ago I became very ill after unprotected sex with someone who is at risk for HIV and other STDs due to her having unprotected sex with multiple other people before me.  My illness occured 3 weeks after the initial act.  I came down with a sore throat, ear infection, rash on trunk area, pimple like lessions around my hairline on head, dry mouth, dry eyes, very dry skin, mouth pain, muscle pain, joint pain, headaches in various places, neck pain, loose stools, sharp pains in my chest, swollen glands in my neck/under arms/groin, and a couple of other symptoms.  From the onset I figured it was HIV but I tested at 3, 6, and 12 months with all results coming back negative.  I also had my doctor do a STD Panel at 12 months.  I have told him about all of my symptoms then and now.

Today I suffer with the pimple lessions around my hairline, muscle pain, joint pain, dry mouth, dry skin, dry eyes, a constant foggyness, acid reflux, pins and needle feeling in my hands/feet and red hue to my skin pretty much all of the time.  What worries me more is that my girlfriend has come down with a similar illness as I currently experience after similar symptoms 2 weeks after our first kissing which was deep.  Other than that after she got sick we started having oral sex because she is waiting for intercourse till she is married.  I am very concerned and my doctor can't seem to figure out what is wrong which leads me to believe this is something either very rare or a type of HIV that cannot be detected throught normal tests.

Please provide me with your thoughts.

Thank you.
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You don't have HIV.  Your symptoms probably are unrelated to the sexual exposure you describe.  You don't say where you are, but in the U.S., heterosexual women who do not use drugs by injection, and who are not prostitutes, rarely have HIV, and anyway your test results absolutely exclude that possibility.  Further, your current symptoms don't sound like HIV or any other STD.  You almost certainly have nothing you can transmit sexually to your GF, by oral or other sexual practices.

If your symptoms persist, continue to follow up with your own doctor.  But if s/he can't find anything wrong, consider the possibility that it's all hyper-alertness to meaningless symptoms because of anxiety.  That strikes me as the best bet.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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