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What have I done

Dr. H thanks for your service here.  I have been reading your site for awhile and know some of your standard responses but I feel compelled to get your opinion on my story.  I am a heterosexual man who experimented with men recently (oral only).  Here is a timeline of my exposure and symptoms:

Oct. 10: Received unprotected oral for 3 minutes no ejaculation and performed unprotected oral for about 30 sec. no ejac or precum evident. (Said he was negative)

Nov. 4: Received unprotected oral from a man and woman, I ejaculated.  (Both said they were clean)

Dec 2:  I had sore throat, swollen glands under my jawbone, one night of sweats briefly, not too bad..did not get out of bed, and had a red scab on my forehead about the size of a pencil eraser.  Went the Dr. diagnosed with Strep and took Omnicef and it was gone in 2 days.

Dec. 8:  Sore throat again. Another small scab appeared on my back and neck.  One painful and one not.  Scabs lasted about 10 days.

Dec. 29: Sore throat and sever headache went away in 2 days.

Jan:4 until now Dry Mouth and what I believe is a swollen gland under my right armpit.  Its low, like parallel with my nipple under the armpit.  Dont find a nut like lump though, just general swelling and stiff neck.

I have been extremely anxious about this ordeal since Dec. 4th.  I just know I have it. Can't sleep or or eat, some soft stools and diarria but not consistant.  

My questions:

1. What is your assessment of my risk? (Number?)
2. If vaginal is a 1/1000 chance if HIV+ then what is unprotected oral with no ejac? Is it lower?
3. Can strep cause these scabs?
4. Can this be anxiety?
5. What are the odds of women getting HIV through unprotected vaginal sex from men.

Thanks for your help.
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If you have read the STD Forum for "a while" and are familiar with my "standard responses", you know what I am going to say.  The chance you acquired HIV from the exposures you describe and the likelihood that your symptoms are due to HIV infection are just about zero, especially since a health care provider has diagnosed you with a condition that is hundreds of times more likely as a cause of those symptoms.  I hope it helps to hear the same information directed to you personally, but my responses are not materially different than you have read already:

1) Almost zero.  I can't put a better number on it.  Maybe 1 in a million?  (A wild guess.)

2) Oral sex extremely low, as indicated above.  No data exists on differing risk with or without ejaculation, but there is no reason to suppose it makes a difference.

3) Yes, strep regularly causes impetigo, a skin infection with scabs.

4) The sore throat and skin lesions are not due to anxiety, but I'm not sure about your other symptoms.  As I have said many times, when a person suspects his/her own symptoms are due to anxiety or stress, s/he probably is right most of the time.

5) On average 1 in 1000, if the man has HIV.

If you remain concerned, follow up with your own doctor.  Best wishes-- HHH, MD
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Thanks doc.  I looked at impetigo photos of which most pics did not resemble what I had.  Is one or two round scabs about 1/4" in diameter common impetigo?  What should I do about the dry mouth?  Do you see need in testing me for HIV?  Thanks in advance.
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It's clear from my original response that you don't need testing for HIV.  You can't reliably compare your scabbed lesions with online photos of impetigo.  If uncertain about them, go back to the doc who treated your strep.

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Dr. H:  Well I was comfortable with your response but today I seem to have swollen glands in armpits, groin and neck, receding gums and what I believe is thrush.  The glands are tender and somewhat sore to the touch. I am going order the test.  I am very scared now.  Have you seen people with this combo and not be HIV+?
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Dr. H: Well I was comfortable with your response but today I seem to have swollen glands in armpits, groin and neck, receding gums and what I believe is thrush. The glands are tender and somewhat sore to the touch. I am going order the test. I am very scared now. Have you seen people with this combo and not be HIV+?
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relax unlucky, you will be fine. Insertive oral is zero risk.
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I did "give' oral briefly. And was rimmed.  I just know I have it now with the thrush and overall swollen glands.   Thanks for the response strange.
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you are fine, relax, its a very low risk
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You are fine, relax.
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