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When to get Herpes Select

Hello Doctors,  I recently had an exposure to HSV-2 and wanted to know the how soon after exposure I could have a Herpeselect blood test with a conclusive result?  Thanks  --Tim
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Welcome back to our Forum.  Most exposures to HSV-2 do not lead to infection and when they do infection becomes apparent as a rash or genital lesions which occur between 3 and 14 days after exposure. Should you get a lesion I recommend that you have it tested with either a swab or better yet, a PCR test from the lesion (FYI, lesions do not have to be blisters or ulcerations to be tested- swabs can be taken from intact, involved skin although many physicians are unaware of this).

We do not recommend antibody tests for evaluation of infection after exposure unless there are lesions. There are too many false positive results.  If you do decide to test however, between 75 and 90% of persons with recently acquired HSV will have positive tests at 3 months, the remainder of positives taking up to 6 months to appear.  If you already have HSV-1 (cold sores) it typically takes antibodies a bit longer to appear.

I hope this information is helpful to you.  I would just watch for lesions and, should they appear, get the PCR test.  EWH
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