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Around July 08 I got a red bump on the shaft of my penis following an episode of unprotected sex. It turned out to be a clogged pore. Having it though made me very paranoid and I noticed a few bumps that I hadnt before. I feared GW so I applied Apple cider vinegar to see if they changed color. They didnt. I went further by applying the ACV overnight. The bumps turned white over night and dried up and went away. However they returned. I went to the local clinic to get checked and the lady told me "they would look like fingers or colliflower if they were warts, and said they may be part of the hair follicle since each is attached to a follicle and hair" Still not convinced I used some aldara that I had from a hand wart for 10 weeks. no reaction from the bumps, just tenderness from surrounding skin. Every so often Ill apply ACV overnight to get them to go away for awhile but they always return. 5 months ago I had an allergic reaction causing redness in my groin area, stomach, legs, ect. I couldnt get into my PCP right away so I saw his partner, whom i showed the other bumps to and he dismissed them as being too small to tell and "no one would do a biopsy on a scrotum" I saw my PCP a week later and also showed him. He again said they were too small but he wasnt sure. Two of the bumps are on my scrotum. an inch or so apart. Brown, smoothe, slightly raised, and on a hair follicle. The other is on the other side on the bottom of the shaft almost on my scrotum, and is skin colored, very raised and looks like a skin tag, smooth, no "finger like" appearance. They are all in different areas, not clustering. I have recently noticed another "skin tag" looking bump below my shaft in my pubic region and the other "skin tag" looking one didnt fall off last time I applied ACV but got bigger. I cant help but feel like ive been misdiagnosed. Could it be that I have been keeping the warts at bay with the ACV? Any imput is appreciated
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To summarize your situation as I understand it, the questions are, what are these bumps? and what should/can be done about them.  I hope that my comments will be some help but really, now that they have come and gone as well as not responded particularly well to Aldara, the right thing to do is to have them looked at by a dermatologist.  Your regular doctors should not feel bad about this  - they have already  acknowledged that they don't know what they are due to, thus they will learn something too.  Beyond that, there are several other comments which may be helpful as well, at the end, my impression:

1.  The "vinegar test" is notoriously unreliable.  Only about half of what turns white are warts and some warts are missed by it.
2.  Vinegar is unlikely to be effective in treating warts.  While vinegar is essentially dilute acetic acid and acetic acid is used to treat some warts, the concentration of acetic acid in vinegar is too low to be effective for warts.
3.  I take it that most of your lesions are now on the scrotum.  Warts on the scrotum are rather uncommon while other, non-STD processes such as folliculitis, benign cysts, and skin tags are all relatively common.

My guess is that the bumps you have noted are not warts or any other STD but some other benign process. As to which one, there is no substitute to having them looked at by someone who looks at rashes all the time - a dermatologist.   In turn, depending on what the dermatologist say, you can get advice on how to manage them, if they even need management at all.

Please let me know what the dermatologist says.  Take care. EWH
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