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White spots on back of throat, mainly uvula

Please help me!  On Thursday, I started growing some CLEARLY VISIBLE white spots on the back of my throat, mainly my uvula.  I went to the Doctor that same night, they were almost sure it was strep throat, but the results came back negative.  She gave me antibiotics and said come back next week if they don't go away and we will test for mono.  I am very worried that it could be an STD.  I asked and she said gonorrhea and HIV would be the only possibilites but not to worry about it.  HOW can I not worry about it?  This is all I can think about, I looked online and found a picture of HIV of the throat that looks very similar to what I have.  So I am asking that someone please takes a look at my case and help me try to make sense of this.  PLEASE, I am desperate! So here's my story:

A few months ago, I got out of a 5 year relationship.  Before then, he was the only person I ever had sexual contact with.
Around the first week of January I made out and had oral sex with a guy.  He ejaculated in my mouth.
Two weeks later I made out with a co-worker
On January 13, I got tested for all possible STDs, including HIV and everything came back negative
The last week of January I made out, had oral sex (he ejaculated in my mouth) and had sexual intercourse with a guy I have been casually dating.  

A couple of days after that is when my spots started growing.  I talked to both guys and they said they had recently gotten tested and they were clean, but they each had 1 sexual partner after being tested

I have never really been sick, so I think I have a strong immune system which is another reason why I am freaking out.  I have no other flu-like symptoms and my throat does not really hurt, but the spots keep growing, and now I have started to develop little white spots on my lips that can be scratched off

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!!!

What is the likelihood that I have some sort of incurable disease?
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Welcome to our Forum.  I agree with the doctor that you spoke with, the chance that the white spots you describe is STD are very, very low.  As the doctor said, the primary STDs which occur in the throat are gonorrhea and that does not typically present with either a sore throat or with white spots.  The reference to HIV is that in some people who have advanced (i.e. they have been infected for years) HIV, they may have "thrush" which is a Candida infection of the throat.  This can appear as white spots.  From your history however, your risk of HIV and particularly advanced HIV is miniscule.  Even if you had thrush, as it turns out, while thrush does occur in persons with HIV, it actually more often occurs in people with HIV, it's just that person with HIV have more of it.  The most likely cause of your sore throat and the white spots is a "plain old", community acquired, non-STD viral sore throat of the type that we all get from time to time.  I would not worry about it being due to STD.

Now, having tried to calm your concerns about an STD of the throat, let's briefly discuss your sexual activities since your break-up.  If I am counting correctly, you have had oral sex with 2 new partners and unprotected intercourse with one of them.  As you move forward from your prior relationship I encourage you to take appropriate precautions, i.e. use condoms, as well as to ask them of their STD/HIV status.  While I doubt that they have STDs (most people do not), here on the site we encourage screening.  While there is nothing in your history or description to cause me to recommend testing to further sort things out. at this time, you describe unprotected sex with 2 partners.  Thus you qualify for periodic STD "screening” (testing in the absence of symptoms) because you have had multiple partners over a period of less than a year.  As a matter of personal protection, we recommend annual testing for anyone who has had two or more sex partners in the past year (we consider this to be health maintenance- we also recommend you get your pap smears, blood pressure and cholesterol checked regularly).

Hope this s helpful to you.  Take care.  EWH
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