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Why do i have Sweat Night?
Dear Doctor, i just want to get my questions straight,first i will like to tell you why i have this worries,i had unprotected sex with a lady i dont know, and after few weeks i started getting sweat night,though i thought maybe it is because the weather was hot and i feel a little bit sick,i did HIV Elisa test after 20 days which is about 3 weeks,it came back Negative and after 11 weeks, i talked with my doctor he said the test is very accurate then i went for another text the at city laboratory,the test came back after 2 weeks,it came Negative again,they told me i dont have HIV, that same week i was tested,my doctor told me i have lots of sugar in my blood which means diabetes,so i was wondering is that sweat night part of the symptoms of diabetes because i have no idea why i had sweat night when i never had one before.

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Welcome to our Forum. Your question is about HIV and this is the STD Forum.  Questions about HIV should be on our HIV Prevention Forum.  I will try to address your question but if there are more questions about HIV they need to be posted on the HIV Prevention Forum- those are the rules- sorry.

Your risk of HIV form a single heterosexual exposure with a partner if unknown status is very low and your follow-up HIV blood test results provide you with definitive evidence that you did not get HIV. there is no reason for you to worry further about HIV related to the exposure you describe.  

As for your night sweats, this is a very non-specific problem which can have many, many causes.  There are any number of infectious diseases which can cause night sweats but if you had such a problem I presume your doctor would have discovered them.  Other causes of night sweats include heartburn (esophagitis) and many, many other causes, including poor air circulation when the temperature and humidity are high.  Whatever is causing your night seats, I am confident based on your HIV test results that it is not HIV.

I hope this comment is helpful to you. Take care.  EWH
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