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Worried about HIV/Syphilis

Approximately six weeks ago, I had an encounter with a stripper/sex worker in Japan who let me finger her; that finger, with some vaginal fluid, eventually ended up in my mouth and on my toungue.  No other fluid contact took place that I am aware of.

At about 23 or 24 days after that, my salivary gland on my left side in the cheek got rather swollen internally, but over the course of 2 or 3 more days went down, but definitely appears swollen in comparrison to the right side.  Since I really never looked at my mouth so intently prior to now, I can't tell if the right side is swollen or not.  I also experienced swelling below my toungue.

At 28 days I had a PCR DNA and it tested negative.

At 35 days, I had an RPR and it was negative for Syphilis.  

At 37 days, I saw my doctor and he precribed 500mg of penicillin at 4 x day for the swollen salivary gland.  He thought my fear of syphilis was absurd, and I didn't really raise HIV at the time.  He admitted that he had no real experience with swollen salivary glands.

At 40 days, I took an ELISA for HIV, and it tested negative, as well as another RPR, which also tested negative.

I am here at 43 days and there has been no discernable change in the status of the swollen salivary gland, but the swelling below the toungue seems better.

So, my questions are:

1. Should I consider the RPR and ELISA at 40 days conclusive in ruling out an STD here, given the activity in question?

2. Though this encounter probably rates at low risk, should I be worried about HIV and can I draw any comfort from the negative results thus far?

3. If it is not HIV or Syphilis, why aren't the antibiotics being helpful?  

4. What can I do at this point to rule out an STD?

5. Is this just one of those weird co-incidences?

Please advise..



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The exposure you describe did not carry any significant risk for HIV, syphilis, or any other STD.  Whatever caused your swollen salivary gland was something else, and almost certainly just coincidental with that sexual event.

1) Your test results are definitively negative, especially since your symptoms were not suggestive of STD anyway and the exposure was low risk.

2) No risk of HIV, especially with the negative test results you have had.

3) The most likely reason the antibiotics have not helped is that the problem is not due to an infection.

4) You have done all you can to rule out an STD.  You don't have one; put it out of your mind.

5) Probably.

Good luck-- HHH, MD
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I am one of the most uptight people on this forum and I never tell worried people to relax if there is any chance at all, no matter how small, that they have HIV.

Relax. It it's possible to get HIV from finger or mouth exposure, nobody has documented it yet. A negative test at 40 days is so close to 100% that in combination with a low risk to begin with, you can rule out HIV.

You can take tremendous comfort from your results to date, but there's no reason why you can't take another HIV test at 3 months if it will ease your mind.

About syphilis, I'm positive the doc will tell you not to worry either.

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Hi All,
I have been reading the archive today and I think it does a world of good. I am in a dilemma like so many people here and I just wish I didnt visit the red light in amsterdam.

I had protected oral sex (2 mins) with the prostitute and protected vaginal sex after that (3 to 4 mins). I couldnt ejaculate so I used my hands to masturbate. After some time, I did a very stupid thing, I removed the condom and then continued to masturbate with the same hand which I had used earlier.

I am afraid that the vaginal fluid which might be stuck on the condom from the vagina, while I masturbated might have got onto my hand and then infected me after I removed the condom and masturbated. Also, I tried inserting my finger before the vaginal sex and she didnt allow me to do that, i just inserted once, its the same hand I used to masturbate.

I also tried to kiss her and she didnt allow me to. Today is just 1 day after the incident. Should I go for tests tomorrow itself once, 4 weeks later once more and 12 weeks for the final time?

Can you please help me with this, I am getting extremely anxious. I did this yesterday for the first time other than my girl friend and feeling really guilty about it. I hope to get rid of the fear and forgive myself but more than that its the HIV infection which is bothering me a lot.
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"I am getting extremely anxious."
"feeling really guilty about it."

These are the operative words in your post. There's absolutely ZERO risk in what you describe :-) Besides, although I can't swear to this (I only heard this from a friend who lives there), sex workers in Amsterdam are tested regularly and are extremely careful - as evidenced by the protected oral. So even if this were a risky activity, which it certainly wasn't, you have nothing at all to worry about :-)
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Dear Doctor,

Thanks for your words; they were reassuring, but one thing did catch my eye as I was looking at other posts before I read your answer.

In 2002 this post said that if someone was experiencing ARS that the swelling of a gland would not have receded, even if given anti-biotic treatment.  Naturally, that sort of freaked me out, so can you help me reconcile the answer in that context and if it is not ARS or an infection that is treatable with anti-biotics, what might be the other causes I should delve into?  


Gratefully Yours,

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Thanks a lot, I am really reassured with ur comments... I hope that all is well and I will never ever repeat this mistake.

You and the doctor who has been providing comments will be in my prayers tonight.

many thanks.
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