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Worried about Oral HIV transmission

I vistited a massage parlour about 6 days ago. I performed unprotected cunnilingus on the masseuse as well as protected vaginal sex.  I did not notice any open cuts or sores on her vaginal area and I have a fairly healthy oral area.  2 days after my incident, I have developed flu-like symptoms with a sore throat, swollen lymph nodes and some night sweats.  I was a little sick last week with seasonal sinus allergies but I was just about over it by the time I saw this woman, so I'm not sure if the symptoms are a relapse of that or related to my visit last weekend.  I'm scared to death that I may have contracted HIV, especially since I keep reading mixed results on the internet about the risk involved with oral sex.  I'm so scared that I will infect my wife the next time we have sex, I dont know what to do.  Please let me know what you think, I'm worrying myself to death 24/7.  Help Doc!
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You happened to catch a viral upper respiratory infection around the time you had the exposure you described--maybe from the same woman, especially if you kissed her.  To my knowledge, there is no documented case of a person catching HIV through performance of cunnilingus; the internet debates you describe are pretty much limited to fellatio.

I can't tell you your risk is zero, but your odds of winning the next lottery are higher.  If it were me, knowing what I know, I would not hesitate to have sex with my wife--except she would kill me if I gave her that cold!

Good luck-- HHH, MD
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Hello buddy,

I too had an encounter with a woman I knew for a week.  I too cheated on my wife, once and never again.  I had performed unprotected cunnilingus on this woman, and used condoms the 2 times we had intercourse that night.  So protected sex is protected.  

What you are going through is the guilt of cheating on your wife.  I assume this is your first and only time you will do this because if you and I are players like alot of guys out there who do this on a regular basis, we wouldnt be worried about anything.  

The risk of getting HIV from Cunnilingus is theoretical. Even less if she was not menstrating.( if she was on her period, exessive blood which you should have tasted or noticed, then that would pose a low, low, low risk). Meaning, there is no hard proof or evidence that has not been disputed the last 20 years.  Herpes, if she was having an out break, might be possible, but not likely.

do not call the cdc hotline, they will tell you that you are at risk.  Point is they are conservative and they are not at the tip of the sword like some of the STD/HIV clinics in the major cities.  take a look at this website.  They are one of the best, and many good websites reference the info from this site.  http://www.dph.sf.ca.us/sfcityclinic/stdbasics/stdchart.asp
They are the San Francisco City Clinic.  When you see their STD risk chart, especially on the performing unprotected cunnilingus, they only have herpes listed as possible but (RARE).

Put this in perspective, if you were a single person, would you have worried about what you did?  Off course not. Its your guilt.  Dont worry about it.  YOU ARE CLEAN.  

STOP LOOKING AT OTHER WEBSITES, AND THEIR IS NO NEED TO TEST FOR HIV!!!  IT DOESNT WARRANT FOR IT.  If you have not gotten symptons for the other STD's which you should not get any, then I would test for herpes, gonnarhea, and or chlamydida. Those are rare too.  

Trust me, I was guilty, driving myself crazy, my wife was pregnant at the time and I was worried, but I let soak in all the facts and while talking with all the counselors at the major std/hiv clinics and with some planned parenthoods.  They all said, do not worry about HIV, at all, take it out of your mind.    

if you want to talk, you can email me at  e_rok***@****

Good luck.
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bradman2234, if you read through the Doc's previous posts, you'll see that your chance of HIV infection in the manner in which you described is essentially zero.  Your stress and anxiety over the matter is probably making you sick.
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Islandguy & Sunny Triangle,
Thank you for the responses.  I had not actually read any of the other questions posted on this forum.  I'm just so nervous and worried that I wanted to ask my question to the Doc as quickly as possible.  The past questions on this subject have been helpful now that I've read some.  Of course (and no disrespect to either of you) I would still rather hear it from the good doctor's mouth!  Thanks again though!
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10 bucks he says "almost zero" probability of transmission.
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Somebody owes you ten bucks.   ;-)
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