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Worried about STDS

Sorry about the poor subject/title, but didnt know what else to put.

i had sex 2 days ago with a sex worker and totally regret it, it was a spur of the moment decision. we kissed, i received unprotected oral, and had protected vaginal sex.  id like to know whether i should be concerned or not. and how long i should wait until i should go and get tested.

i have read symptoms online and have had really small aching in my foot and thumb, lasted about 1 minute pain level 1/10. not painful but could feel it. dont know if its related.

ive also had a bump deep in the back of my throat form that i could feel whenever i swallow, which then became a swollen throat with no pain, started before i went to sleep and was gone in the morning but is back again very minor swelling.

there was also a small tingling feeling near my pelvic area that lasted only a second.

id like to know the percent chances of getting which stds from what i did (kissing/unprotected oral/protected vaginal) if possible.

id like to know your advice and reassurance... thank you so much im losing sleep over this and cant get it out of my mind.
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First, you can forget about those symptoms, none of which suggest STD.  Certainly 'swollen throat' (whatever that means, without pain) isn't an STD issue, and no infection can cause symptoms that come and go over several hours.  Minor joint aching, tingling feelings, etc don't suggest anything abnormal at all.  And no STD or other infection can cause symptoms that start less than 2 days later.  Most likely you are just experiencing magnification of normal body sensations by anxiety over the event.

Second, with protected vaginal sex, the risk was zero, for practical purposes; and even unprotected oral sex is very low risk.  Any STD acquired by receiving oral sex would cause definite penile symptoms--discharge, sores, etc.  If you don't develop such symptoms in the next 10 days, you can consider yourself home free.

Finally, I never recommend STD/HIV testing after single low-risk events like this.  People who are sexually active outside committed, monogamous relationships should have routine STD/HIV testing from time to time, like once a year.  If you haven't been tested recently, this would be a good time, since it is on your mind.  But not because of the risks associated with this particular event.

I hope this helps.  Good luck--  HHH, MD
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thank you so much, i feel so much better.. im counting down the days!
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Oh for god's sake. Those folks are freaking nutjobs. I love the internet, but you've gotta read things critically. Unfortunately, a lot of this stuff is couched in vaguely scientific/medical sounding terms, making their drivel sound sorta reasonable to people who aren't scientifically trained. But it's not.

So when you're perusing the internet, you have to consider the site; is it reputable? Do they have an agenda? What's their ideology? Do other scientists think those people are flaky? As a rule of thumb, you can generally trust the CDC, Medline, sites like WebMD, emedicine, etc...
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Monkeyflower is right.  apollo13's quote has been deleted.  This forum insists on objective science and the quote (and the article it came from, which is 14 years old) was scientifically wrong and wholly misleading.  
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Now I'm curious about which quote the Greek God of Acrhery was using....Surely it could have been left.
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i noticed my uvula was enlarged when i looked into the mirror, which explains why i felt my swollen throat. i read on the internet
"How Would I Know If I Had HPV Or Genital Warts?:
You should go to a doctor or clinic if:
You notice any unusual growths, bumps, or skin changes on or near your penis, vagina, uvula, or anus."

should i be concerned?
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im mainly just concerned about herpes, by the way..
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