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Yeast Infection and open sore
My girlfriend and I have had numerous episodes of unprotected sexual intercourse.  Today she told me that she has been having a white discharge from the vagina for the past few weeks.  Sometimes during intercourse, I develop raw skin on my penis from "friction". She has had no other sexual partners in her life besides me.  It seems like she feels that the discharge maybe due to a yeast infection.  I am concerned for several different reasons, and I am hoping you can put an end to my worry.

1.  If this is indeed a yeast infection, should I worry about it spreading to my penis?  If so, how long would it take for symptoms to develop and what should I look for?

2.  Since during sex, the skin on areas of my penis become raw and irritated, should I be worried about the candidia getting into my bloodstream and causing a much worse systemic infection?

Thank you for your time.
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Welcome to the Forum.  Your GF's discharge should be evaluated by someone who will actually look under the microscope and assess what is going on.  It is quite plausible that there is a yeast infection present, alternatively, presuming that STDs are not a concern (and there is little to suggest they are), she could have bacterial vaginosis, the most common cause of vaginal discharge in women.  Neither yeast of BV are STDs but they require different therapies so it is good to get an accurate diagnosis.  This is a better approach than having a health care provider just guess based on the history and description.  As for your specific questions:

1.  Occasionally yeast infections do pass from partner to partner.  If this happens, you may need treatment. Yeast infections in men present as a pink to red rash which spread gradually. They may itch.  If something like this occurs, have someone take a look.

2.  No, if you do happen to get yeast (unlikely) you do not need to worry about it getting into you r blood stream.  This just does not happen

Hope this helps. EWH
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