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Z Pak

I recently had an unprotected oral event, to which I don't think there was to much risk involved.  It was about a month ago.  I have since seen her doctor's reports of her being tested and she was clear of everything. Since I know that you really can't check the throat for gonnorhea, I was a little concerned since we had protected vaginal intercourse and my only exposure was orally.  About a week after the event, I camed down with an upper respiratory infection and was prescribed a Z Pak.  I was to take the first 2 pill the first night, a total of 500 mg and 250 mg  for the following four days.  My question is... do you think that is effective against eliminating Gonnorhea if I were to have it?  And what other STD's could this take care of?  Thank you
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First, you're wrong about testing the throat for gonorrhea.  It is easy to do and testing is readily available by health care providers.  It's a routine procedure in STD clinics.  But there is no point in testing now that you have received the azithromycin Z-pack.

You don't state whether you are referring to giving or receiving oral sex.  Performing cunnilingus (oral contact with female genitals) carries little or no risk of gonorrhea transmission in either direction.  If you're concerned about having performed oral sex on her, you weren't at risk for gonorrhea.  If she performed oral sex on you, there might have been risk for gonorrhea.  However, it is very rare for a woman to have gonorrhea of the throat without also having a genital infection.  So if her report shows she was negative for gonorrhea, almost certainly she didn't have a throat infection.  Further, almost all men who acquire urethral gonorrhea have symptoms.  If you didn't develop an abnormal discharge from the penis within a few days, you can be confident you weren't infected.

If you had undiagnosed gonorrhea, the Z-pack probably would have cured it-- at least 90% reliability.  It also would have prevented or treated incubating chlamydia (which isn't a risk at all from oral sex) or syphilis (which is too rare in this circumstance to be a serious consideration).

Interesting that you "have seen her doctor's reports".  I'll assume your partner gave them to you.  Of course I would not condone your seeking them without her knowledge and permission, which would be both ethically untenable and illegal, subject to major fine, or maybe even jail time in some states.

I hope this helps.  HHH, MD
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No she gave them to me, I have know her for sometime and she didn't want me to think badly of her, so she provided them for me. I recieved oral sex from her.  So you say about 90% I guess that is better than nothing. Is that based on different strains? She told me the last time she performed Oral sex, it was over a year ago, so I believe her, plus I did take a test that came back negative for gonn and chlamydia.  I have just been having penial irratation is all, I am sure it will pass.
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Your 90% comment is too pessimistic.  Odds she had gonorrrhea of the throat, if her urine or cervical test was negative, maybe 1%.  If she had it, chance she transmitted to you probably around 1%.  If you got it, chance you were infected without symptoms, maybe 1%.  Chance of persistent infection after Z-pack around 10%.  That means your risk of having gonorrhea now is something like 0.01 x 0.01 x 0.01 x 0.1 = 0.00000001.  That's 1 in 10 million.  To put that into perspective:  if you live in the US, the chance you'll die in an accident in the next 12 months is 1 in 1,756.  That is 5,700 times higher than the odds you have gonorrhea.

In other words, forget it.  And remember to use seat belts.
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Was five Days long enough to test for Gonnorhea?  Thanks
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Gonorrhea tests are reliably positive within 48 hours of catching it.

Stop trying to convince yourself that you have it despite all reason.  Let it go.

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