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acute hiv symptoms

Hi Dr.

I have had unprotected vaginal sex with a sub saharan african woman, living in ireland, as i am too. She assures me she doesnt have HIV. But i dont believe her, and she is now uncontactable.

After 11 days i developed a slight dry cough, this developed in to a heavier cough with blocked/runny nose. Strangely i also had a stiff jaw, and a slight tightness in my throat when swallowing. Also blocked ears. I didnt notice any lymph node swelling but i am thinking this is what the stiff jaw and tightness in throat was, along with the blocked ears. The symptoms in total lasted about two and a half weeks beginning with a cough only for a few days and ending with a cough only for a few days.

Can i have your opinion on the symptoms i have had and whether you believe it could be HIV related.

Also its been six weks now since possible exposure. In the last couple of weeks i have been experiencing tingling in my feet and lower legs. Any connection? I am aware it might be anxiety.

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You have posted on the wrong site.   Questions about HIV belong on the HIV prevention site.  I will do my best to answer your questions with this reply but, if you have additional questions or follow-up they must be on the HIV Prevention site.  Sorry

Your symptoms are consistent with a cold or plain old every day community-acquired viral infection.  Some of the symptoms you have also overlap with those of the ARS but the symptoms of the ARS are TOTALLY non-specific and when people experience "ARS symptoms" they are much more likely to have something else, usually some other, more typical virus infection.  When this has been studied in the US, less than 1% of persons seeking medical care for "ARS symptoms" are found to have HIV, the remainder having symptoms due to other processes. In contrast, over a given year, there is almost no one who has not had a viral illness, night sweats or both (sometimes on multiple occasions).  In addition, it is also important to realize that many persons who acquire HIV do not experience the ARS.  For a person to try to judge their HIV risk based on "ARS symptoms" is a waste of time.

It is now six weeks since your exposure and several weeks since your symptoms began.  An HIV test at this time would detect all infections which caused ARS more than two weeks ago.  Get tested for your own peace of mind (not because your risk is high.  It is not), the test will be negative and you can forget about this when the test comes back negative as I am sure it will.  EWH  
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