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chlamydia question

Okay, so let's assume that I am one of those very rare persons that acquires a chlamydia infection of the throat.  

If that were to occur, what would be the symptoms?  In addition, could this type of infection cause any long term problems?    

Would such an infection clear up on its own?  And finally, could a partner be infected?

Many thanks!
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If you caught Chlamydia trachomatis infection in the throat, the infection would most likely be asymptomatic.  There is no known consequence to chlamydial infection of the throat and if it occurred, it would almost certainly resolve even if untreated.  The cells which chlamydia infections occur on, columnar epithelial cells are absent from the throat.  thus, once again, even if you were one of those rare persons, there would be nothing to be concerned about.  EWH
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Thanks Doctor - I wish that the "informational" STD websites on the internet would provide the type of information that you just gave me.  

If you read them, you'd think that such a throat infection is common and dangerous.
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Hi Dr. Hook,

I apologize for jumping in the middle of your conversation.

If you caught Gonorrhea of the throat, what are the symptoms? will the infection clear up on its own? Does treatment required?
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