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corelation between genital warts and hiv?

i am a 33yrd old hetrosexual male. i had a hiv test done in march of 05 that was negative. i had unprotected sex in july of 05 with a woman. in dec of 05 i developed genital warts. i have gone 3 times to the doctor to have them frozen off.each time they have come back. i have used aldara twice but it didnt work
at all.i have 6 warts. 5 of them r the size of the tip of the pen and 1 is the size of the opening of a straw.(they might be this small because i keep having them removed i havent let them grow.i have read that over 40 million peolpe r affected with hpv.however about only 1 % are affected with genital warts. i have also read that people with hiv have a strong occurence of warts because in general the warts show up because of a weakend
immune system.
1)i was wondering how many men have genital warts but DONT
have hiv?
2)can my warts have shown up and not gone away from something other than a weakend immune system? such as stress, cancer,etc?
3) i am very healthy,would my immune system have weakend that much that quick to allow the warts to show up and stay?

i am going to get an hiv test done very soon,but in the mean time i'd like to have some clarity to the concerns.

thank you very much!

god bless!
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Persistent or recurrent genital warts is not a sign of HIV, except once in a while in people with advanced HIV disease, typically of several years duration.  Even then, such persons virtually always are very ill and have many overt, obvious manifestations of AIDS--in other words, warts alone is rarely a sign of HIV, if ever.

1) How many men have genital warts but don't have HIV?  Almost all of them, well over 99%.

2,3) The explanation for persistent or recurrent warts is not known, but a "weakened immune system" has nothing to do with it--at least not as yet discovered.  There is no reason for you to be concerned about any kind of serious immune deficiency.

Hang in there with treatments your provider suggests; eventually most people in your situation stop having recurrences.  If you haven't seen a dermatologist for a second opinion, I suggest that as well.  Among other things, after numerous treatments, scar tissue resulting from treatment sometimes is confused with recurrent warts; a dermatologist can sort this out and also might have other treatment advice.  In the meantime, you should look at this as an unpleasant inconvenience, but not a serious health risk or indication of any important underlying health problem.  Assuming you have no other HIV risks you don't describe, you can be confident your upcoming HIV test will be negative.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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We all got so lucky that HIV is as hard to get as it is. If it were as contagious as HPV or Herpes, half the people I know would have it.
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