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disseminated herpes

my daughter was discovered to have disseminated herpes just before she had her first baby in July this year.She became very ill, spent three WEEKS in critical care (SORRY MY PC HAS LOCKED ONTO CAPITALS AND WON'T GO BACK TO LOWER CASE)
SINCE THEN SHE HAS BEEN IN THE LIVER WARD OF A HOSPITAL.aLTHOUGH HER VIRUS COUNT HAS GONE DOWN TO 4000  (IT WAS AT ITS HEIGHT SAID TO BE IN THE BILLIONS!) SHE IS STILL HAVING 3 OR FOUR FEVERS PER DAY AND ALTHOUGH SHE IS NOW MOBILE HAS LITTLE ENERGY EXCEPT IN SHORT BURSTS.sHE HAS HAD A BATTERY OF BLOOD TESTS and scans which have all been negativeand the doctors say she is a mystery to them.She has been treated with aciclovir(i/v initially) and now that the virus count has dropped so significantly she is on half the original dose.
I am hoping to discover if the pattern to her illness fits with other cases and if the fevers and general malaise are set to continue until the virus is down to zero or at least very low.
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The situation you describe is most unusual for herpes simplex infection and is more typical of infection caused by the herpes zoster virus (this is the virus that causes chicken pox). Unless your daughter is very immunocompromised in some way over and above her pregnancy, it is almost unheard of for an adult to get disseminated herpes simplex infection.  Acyclovir is used to treat both infections.

Another thing that you mentioned, her virus count, is not a test performed on persons with herpes simplex infection.

I am sorry, I think the situation your daughter is in is really beyond the scope of what can be appropriately handled on a web site such as this.

Before signing off however, I will add that it sounds as though she was critically ill.  If that was the case, it is not in the least bit unusual for fatigue and malaise to persist well into the recovery period.

Sorry I was not more help.  I think these are the sorts of things which need to be discussed with an infectious diseases specialist who can examine your daughter and review her medical records.  I wish you and your daughter the best.  EWH
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