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flu like and abnormal periods

Hi Dr. thanks for taking time to read, i have two questions as below.

I am having some flu like symptoms, feeling cold and some times fever, and little sick since end of Aug. If I curve my tougue up I can feel the little dots on upper side, at entrance of my throat, which I usually have when caught a cold and felt sick. I examed my vagina by my finger yesterday. The inside feels like same as my throat, not very smothy, and has lots of dots (hard ) just like my throat. there is no pain. is that normal? I dont' remember if I examed vagina before so I can't compare. I just hope it's not any STD. previous partener has no symptoms and claims no STD, I am currently not sexaully active.

On top of this my period was late in Sep ( started Sep 4) and was not ended completly, when using toilet paper to clean after peeing, very very light pink can be seen on paper, this 'bleeding' continued about 5-7 days after the period 7 days. period dates were Aug 1st, Sep 4th, not yet. Will any STD cause the period to be abnormal? I also usually have period pain 2 days before the period starts and will go away once it starts ( lower ab pain and muscle cramping between vagina and anus). but it didnt' hurt before Sep 4, now it still does nto seem to hurt. Any STD can cause period delay or period pain go away?

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These symptoms conceivably could be due to STD, but also to any number of other things.  You don't say anything about your sexual lifestyle; if you have had multiple partners or if you changed partners soon before the problems started, of course the risk is higher.  In any case, you need to see a health care provider.  Even if your symptoms clear up, get checked; most STD will get better but not necessarily cure themselves.

Good luck--   HHH, MD
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Dear Dr.,
thanks for your reply! I took your advice visited my Dr. They tested some STD and told me I am all fine except a minor infection that is not STD ( it's a very mild BV, and I was treated with a cream for 7 days). But I keep feeling weak. I tested for HIV myself also, it was negtive. But still feel cold often, and feel I have a fever. I test the temprature myself, it's usually 97.2, only one time goes to 98.1. My Dr. told me they don't test all the STD , shall I ask them to though?I am still worried. On top of these,  my clitoris does not feel as senstive as it was before . as I said my last sex was about 2 month ago, I am in a state that I am  not wanting it badly as right after you broke up with someone. But I wonder why I should nto even feel good when touching myself, I just feel very uncomfortable, the vagina is not burning or something, but just not feel right when touch it.  Before I feel sick, I could easily get excited myself by toughing or just thinking about it. is that the infection? but my DR. said it's treated after 7 days. my urine is still very yellow, comes with some powner kind of thing in it, this already lasted for a month,plus heavy discharges, which DR. said some people do have more discharges than the others. If this is caused by infection and the cream medicine, how long does it take to go away?
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