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four days short of three months hiv test

I just tested negative four days short of three months. I need to know what is an imca hiv test. Is this a third generation hiv test. How accurate is it? Why does the CDC say test at six months. I know I have had multiple tests but when you are dealing with HIV then I believe its important to take the appropriate steps. I needed to ask you this because I read that the cdc still says 97% will test positive by three months. What can cause a false negative hiv test at thirteen weeks.

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You have posted on the wrong site.  Questions about HIV testing and prevention need to be posted on the HIV Prevention site.

The CDC's statements are outdated and currently are being re-considered (I am on a committee which has raised this question).  I am not sure what you mean be an imca assay but, if it is an FDA-approved test performed here in the United States, the result you have is reliable.  You do not need further testing, you do not have HIV.  EWH
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